150 ways schools show climate leadership!


What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!! Check out the videos!

On April 22nd in Edmonton, 20 schools showcased their climate leadership initiatives with the Hon. David Eggen, Minister of Education, other MLAs, government staff, school board trustees and associations, and other groups that support schools. The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) hosted this event to highlight '150 ways schools show climate leadership'. Many media outlets came out and interviewed students, Minister Eggen and Gareth Thomson, ACEE's Executive Director.

Click on the images below to watch the videos - Left - a story about the day with guest speakers; Right - students sharing the impact of the event.


The day was a resounding success!!  Students were thrilled to share their work with the other schools, distinguished guests, and the media - see list of participating schools below:

Breaking News:  This was far too much fun to only do once - and we want to shine a light on more southern Alberta schools!  We'll convene a Calgary event in November to again celebrate '150 ways school show climate leadership'. We'll use the submissions schools already made and invite others to add their leaves to the student learning tree.

Alberta teachers, thank you for helping us exceed the ‘150 ways Schools show Climate Leadership’  by reaching 173 environmental and energy education initiatives.  Below is an image of all of the leaves celebrated at the event.  All of your work is helping your students make a difference and giving them hope for their future. Download the full list of schools and projects. 

SchoolLocationProject(s)TeacherGrade Levels
Archbishop Joseph MacNeilEdmonton

We have developed our own "Kinder-garden" to grow food, beautify the environment, and attract pollinators. We explore our local community to explore changes in nature.

Cristina SwinntertonK/Gr. 1
Captain Nichola GoddardCalgaryWe'll be showcasing our annual Green Commuting Challenge.Debbie Rheinstein7 to 9
Chinook ParkCalgary

Recycling Christmas lights and using the money received to purchase and send LED lanterns to South Sudan.

Parents and studentsK to 6
Career & Technology Centre at Lord ShaughnessyCalgaryWe have many projects - growing micro-greens and selling them to restaurants, working on solar panels for Tsuu T'ina school, hosting a farmer's market, and hosting a conference.William (Richard) Thwaites10 to 12
D. S. MacKenzie Jr HighEdmonton

We hike in Edmonton's river valley and teach students about plant identification and uses and they create photo scrapbooks.

Jessica Shewchuk7 to 9
École DickinsfieldFt. McMurrayWe are a green elementary school with many initiatives from recycling, composting, waste free lunches and gardening and we're part of the school divisions Green Scene Team.Kitty CochraneK to 6
École McTavishFt. McMurrayEco-YOLO: A student-led initiative to replant trees around trails after "The Beast" wildfire in 2016. We are managing our school greenhouse and school garden.Nazia Hiscock7 to 9
École Père Kenneth KearnsSherwood Park

Our students are reducing their waste to reduce our carbon footprint. Since we began composting, we have seen a significant reduction in our garbage.  Students are seeing what they are composting and are trying to reduce wasting food.

Donna HaydenK to 4

Our students are caring for caribou by promoting conservation of wildlife corridors. We are learning about the importance of the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River! We've been working with CPAWs Northern AB Chapter.

Kendall Crowle

K to 6

Grande Cache Community HighGrande Cache

Our students can purchase subsidized reusable water bottles to reduce waste. Our Student Leadership group promotes environmental citizenship by designing all of our activities from an environmental perspective.

Johanna Dalton10 to 12
Harry Ainlay HighEdmonton

We will be showcasing our accomplishments over the past few years and our tree planting initiative for this year. We will also be teaching people how to use the city of Edmonton's energy conservation kit.

Kevin Falcone10 to 12
Innovate program - M.E. Lazerte HS, Queen Elizabeth HS, Ross Sheppard HSEdmonton

Innovate Program: we'll be showcasing a number of initiatives -  energy auditing and management of schools and public buildings, work on a co-generation system to reduce waste heat, recycling non-refillable markers, bee keeping. 

Aaron Dublenko10 to 12
Jasper Place HighEdmontonWe are working on idle-free zones and encouraging students to carpool by providing designated carpool parking.Peri Henderson10 to 12
Mills Haven ElementarySherwood Park

We'll showcase our shoe and bottle drive, spider plants for a clean air environment, alternative energy projects, solar panels and waste free lunches.

Pia JampenK to 6
Robert Thirsk HighCalgary

We have established and continue to maintain a living wall in our school's common area.  We are reconnecting high school students to the beauty and value of their natural world. We are working on a rooftop garden and greenhouse and a learning garden design.

Warren Lake10 to 12
St. Richard ElementaryEdmonton

We are changing our behaviours to use less electricity from a school-wide energy audit to reduce our school's carbon footprint. We are promoting the use of renewable energy in our community with our solar PV system.

James StuartK to 6
Strathcona Christian AcademySherwood Park

Our Aquaponics program grows fish and vegetables for our community while conserving energy and resources

Matthias Cheung10 to 12
Westwood Community HighFt. McMurray

We are working on a 3D printing of a wind turbine from waste plastic. Our students are building geocaches and placing them on community trails for community use. We are building beehouses to place throughout our community. We are working on a campaign to reduce water consumption.

Johnny Dulku10 to 12

Questions? Contact Kathy Worobec at kathy[at]abcee.org