150 ways schools show climate leadership 2017

Alberta teachers, thank you for helping us exceed the ‘150 ways Schools show Climate Leadership’  by reaching 173 environmental and energy education initiatives.  All of your projects are helping your students make a difference and giving them hope for their future. 

Over 20 teachers with some of their students will be attending the Earth Day event on April 22nd in Edmonton at MacEwan University along invited guests. We will be using the submissions for a fall Calgary event as well. We will also list the schools and their projects on this web site soon.

The April 22nd Earth Day event will be a day of celebration with the Hon. David Eggen, Minister of Education and we've invited the Minister of Environment and Parks. Minister Eggen is looking forward to recognizing and thanking students and teachers for your work in showing climate leadership.

Announcing the $50 MEC gift card winners - a big thanks to our amazing assistant who helped with the draw!


Alexandra Leclerc

Karen Kozlowski

Audrey Viens

Mark MacDonald

Carter Crest

Penny Mueller

Dayna Landry

Richard Thwaites

Johanna Dalton

Stephanie Bartlett

 Questions? Contact Kathy Worobec at kathy[at]abcee.org