Alberta Education Curriculum Survey

Alberta Education is seeking input on the next phase of curriculum development. This is a crucial stage of curriculum development in Alberta so don't miss out on this opportunity - survey closes June 2nd. Alberta Education is seeking input on the DRAFT subject introductions and the scope and sequence from K to 12 for the six subject areas (math, language arts, science, social studies, arts, wellness). In the fall, the student learning outcomes will be developed for K to 4 with implementation beginning in December 2018 - complete timeline.

The Survey

Survey closes June 2nd - so make sure you set aside some time to provide your input  - Take Part in the Survey.

You can do all six subjects, but if you only have time to complete a few then we suggest science, social studies and wellness. If you have limited time, then at least do Part A of the surveys. If you have more time, then we suggest doing Part B as you can provide more input.

Part A - General review of what students will learn using the Scope and Sequence for that subject - approx. 30 minutes per subject

  • Statements are made about the scope and sequence and you respond with Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree with an opportunity for additional comments

Part B - Detailed review of draft introductions and scope and sequence for that subject - approx. 1 hour per subject

  • Introduction - is the philosophy and rationale for that subject - the survey includes statements and you respond with Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree with an opportunity for comments
  • Scope and Sequence across K to 12 - a list of statements that you respond with Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, and open-ended questions for providing your thoughts on the strengths of the scope and sequence and suggested modifications

Six Subject Areas - Introductions and Scope and Sequence

You may wish to review the DRAFT Introductions and Scope and Sequence first and then complete the survey. This allows you to gather your thoughts so you can complete the surveys in a timely manner - you might want to review the documents on one day and complete the survey on the following day. We've provided easy access to the documents (excluding Arts). Once you begin the surveys, you have access to these documents once again.

ScienceScope and SequenceIntroduction
Social StudiesScope and SequenceIntroduction
WellnessScope and SequenceIntroduction
Language ArtsScope and SequenceIntroduction
MathScope and SequenceIntroduction

You may wish to refer to the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future as you provide your input.

The Scope and Sequences are concept based (previous curriculum was more topic based). Below is how the scope and sequences are organized and in this phase the essential understandings, guiding questions and concepts/procedures have been drafted.

  • Essential Understandings
    • Guiding questions
      • Concepts/prodedures
      • Student learning outcomes (not yet drafted)

Take part in a session

You can also attend sessions offered by the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortium (on their web page click on the link for your region to find sessions in your area - most are offered between May 23 and May 26) - this will provide a bit more information and provide you time to complete the survey - most are 2 hour sessions.

Host your own session

Alberta Education has also provided a Facilitation Guide to help you host your own session. Basically, gather a group of colleagues and work together to review and discuss the materials to help you prepare your responses.