Capacity Building for Energy Education

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education works with a community of environmental education and energy education agencies to ensure collaborative work to increase energy and environmental literacy across Alberta.

Needs Assessment

ACEE is conducting an agency needs assessment to better understand how we can help environmental educators in Alberta to deliver impactful energy education. We would appreciate your input to our survey so that we can deliver programs to best fit your needs.

Click here to fill out the survey by July 17, 2018.

Meeting Agency Needs:

Using the needs assessment, we will be delivering workshops across the province with the following outcomes:

  • Educators will be provided with the tools that they need to deliver impactful energy education.
  • Barriers will be removed that currently stand in the way of delivering environment and energy education.
  • Educators will be excited and empowered to include energy content into their current programming.
  • Networking with other environmental and energy educators in each region.

Upcoming Workshops:

Watch for announcements - we are planning a number of workshops and webinars for many regions across Alberta starting in the fall of 2018.

Workshops Delivered:

Lethbridge Full-Day Environmental Education Workshop, May 25, 2018

Calgary Environmental and Energy Education Lunch, May 31, 2018