Climate Education and Outreach - Building Your Capacity to Deliver Quality Programs with Impact


We understand the need for all environmental and energy educators to work together to increase Climate Literacy in Alberta. In 2017/18, ACEE will engage the environmental education and outreach community and climate change experts to increase the capacity of over 100 agencies that offer environmental education and outreach in Alberta. We'll offer tools, planning time, and a rich interchange of ideas through the following: 

Needs Assessment

We conducted two needs assessments: one of teachers and a second of environmental education and outreach agencies. Below is a summary of the surveys.

Teacher Survey

Over 200 Alberta teachers responded to the survey. Click here to read the full report, including the recommendations. A few highlights include:

The top three barriers teachers face delivering climate change education in the classroom are:

  • Having to find their own resources
  • Funding to engage students in authentic learning experiences
  • Limited quality educational resources

What would help teachers the most as they include more climate change education:

  • Opportunities for experiential learning beyond the classroom
  • Curriculum and grade specific resources from external organizations
  • Access to climate change experts


Agency Survey

85 environmental educators and outreach professionals responded to this survey. Click here to review a more detailed summary. A few highlights include:

  • 43% of respondents incorporate climate change into their programs
  • 31% of respondents do not incorporate climate change into their programs
  • 26% of respondents felt they incorporated climate change to some extent

Climate change was not incorporated into program because:

  • We don't know how to do it in a hands-on, engaging way
  • We don't have the time or funding to incorporate this topic in a meaningful way
  • It doesn't apply to our programs

What do you need to effectively incorporate climate change into your programs?

  • Tools and techniques for effectively engaging our audience on this topic
  • Best practices for climate change education and outreach
  • Connections with other educations to learn best how to do this


Launch Workshop and 2017 Alberta Climate Summit

George Marshall, author of Don't Even Think About It - Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change, will be in Alberta as a keynote for the 2017 Alberta Climate Summit hosted by the Pembina Institute. He will be delivering an engaging, interactive workshop - Talking Climate: How to engage your audiences in conversations about climate change. ACEE will be co-hosting these workshops with Alberta Ecotrust, City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary. More details and registration will follow soon. The dates are:

  • September 25th - Edmonton - 1-4pm, Location TBD
  • September 27th - Calgary - 1-4pm, City of Calgary Water Centre.


2017 Alberta Climate Summit hosted by the Pembina Institute will be on September 28th in Calgary. This year is the 3rd annual Alberta Climate Summit — the event for innovative thinking and knowledge sharing on energy and climate in Alberta. This year’s event will showcase the innovation and opportunities around clean energy that are already underway in Alberta. 

The event will bring together 500+ thought leaders from industry, government, environmental NGOs, and community stakeholders to learn from success stories, identify opportunities and challenges, and explore solutions related to Alberta’s clean energy future.

This conference will broaden your view of climate change and a clean energy future. If you are interested in attending, visit the Pembina site:


Full-day Workshops

In the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018, we will be hosting full day sessions in several cities in Alberta that will dive deep into best practices for climate education and outreach and give you the time to consider how you can begin incorporating these practices into your programs. More details to come!


Profiling and Promoting Climate Education and Outreach Programs

We will profile and promote new and existing programs with teachers and other community organizations. Details still to come.


If you have any questions, or would like to know more - contact Christina Pickles: christina[at]