Energy Revealed - Energy Efficiency Education and Climate Action!

Hey Alberta teachers!  Interested in connecting your students to their very own energy meter in their school or nearby community centre (and fully paid professional development for you) ALL FREE of charge?  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how you can apply, and about two upcoming webinars! Application deadline is May 25th, 2018. 

This program is the very epitome of excellent education! It helps schools and the environment - AND empowers Alberta students to…

  • Become energy efficiency experts and future energy managers.
  • Develop their competencies, innovative mindsets, and workplace skills, preparing them for careers in a low carbon economy.
  • Drive down the use of electricity, gas, and water at school, at home, and in their communities.
  • Help reduce greenhouse gases, utility bills, and carbon levy payments.

How it works

  • Our experiential learning program leverages new technology that ‘makes energy visible.’
  • We provide students with a link to real-time data: dashboards showing a school’s use of electricity, natural gas, and water.  Some great technologies are available to provide this information – and of course, the educational ‘gold standard’ is to have the technology in place in students’ own school!
  • Our lesson plans help students understand how energy is used – and challenges them to come up with ideas and recommendations on how to increase the school’s energy efficiency, keeping funds in the classroom where they belong!
  • We'll partner your students with a professional energy manager, who will act as a mentor and coach as they prepare their recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.
  • We'll provide an on-line 'Impact Centre' for students to upload their accomplishments and celebrate their success with other schools across Alberta and Canada!
  • What technology will we install?  There are several options, and we’re willing to work with your facilities manager if they have a specific preference.  Download the FAQ sheet.

If your school is accepted, we will work with you during the confirmation stage to finalize the technology in consultation with the school division facilities manager.

Program information - video and webinar presentation

Video of a school example (2 minutes) - click here to watch
Webinar presentation about the program (23 minutes) - click here to watch
Download a PDF of the webinar presentation (video removed as it can be viewed from clicking on the above link)

Pilot Resources to get you started


Program Partners and Scope



We’re rolling out this program in Alberta, and ACEE will support teacher professional learning and supporting schools as we implement the program.

This is a joint venture with GreenLearning Canada, a national organization that offers climate, energy, and green economy education. GreenLearning will take the lead on program design and, following our launch in Alberta, will roll out the national program.

We’re grateful for the support of Greenplanet Energy Analytics, who supported the preliminary development of this exciting program!


Offer to Alberta teachers (grades 4 to 12)! We're pleased to be able to offer FREE energy meters - and free installation, too - AND fully paid professional development for teachers (teacher release for one-full day of professional learning and reduced rate to attend our annual conference) - in interested Alberta schools or nearby community centres, a package valued at over $10,000!  Successful applicants must demonstrate strong curriculum links and strong administrative support for this work, which must begin promptly in the 2018 - 2019 school year. We have a finite amount of resources to put toward this so we want to maximize the number of schools we can support. If your school or school division can provide support toward the purchase or installation of the technology, this will be part of our consideration as it allows us to engage more schools.

APPLY NOW - Deadline May 25th, 2018!

Thank you to the following supporters of this program!