Environment, energy and climate change curriculum alignment

Alberta Education Current Curriculum Alignment

The current curriculum that has many opportunities for including environment, energy or climate change connections. Below are two curriculum alignments - one for environment and one for energy and climate change.


Career and Technology Foundations Challenge Exemplars

Career and Technology Foundations and Career and Technology Studies also provide excellent student challenges. Alberta Education has released a number of CTF Challenges and some have an environmental focus:

  • Catching the Rays - Grades 5 & 8 - design and construct a solar-powered tool that uses the sun as an energy source
  • Water for Life - Grades 5 & 8 - explore local watersheds from various perspectives
  • Wild World of Alberta - Grades 5, 7 & 8 - create an ecotourism for Alberta's wildlife and natural environments
  • Gift of Nature - Grade 7 - grow indoor plants and survey their impact on people and their environment


Curriculum for a Sustainable Future

We created the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future with an Education Task Force to guide curriculum development for increasing environmental, energy and climate change literacy. This can be used to help you identify ways to enhance your current curriculum to deepen environmental, energy and climate change literacy.