Below are some resources to help you focus on outdoor play for Get Outside and Play Week. Is there something that would really help you? Let us know! Contact



Get Outside and Play Week is an opportunity promote outdoor play in your community! A great way to do this is to get your local media out to your event. Feel free to use this press release template for your event and share it with local media. A couple of tips...

  • send event announcement out a couple of times, two weeks before your event so it can be included on media community calendars and again a week before the event to remind media they can attend the event.
  • put the text of the release in the body of the email you send along with attaching a PDF of the release
  • follow up with a phone call once you have sent the release

Download the template here.

Poster template 




Banner. If you receive one of the grants for a public event, you will receive a 3x6 vinyl banner you can use and keep. If you do not receive one of these grants, we have a limited number of banner for sale, $20 plus shipping if outside Calgary. Contact Christina or 403-998-4782 for more details.

Header image. Use this header on hand outs, posters or other materials you share information about activities for Get Outside and Play Week. We have a black and white or colour version.

Black and white image.

Colour image


Why Outdoor Play. This one pager covers our four reasons why outdoor play is important in early childhood. Great handout for parents!

Get it here.

How Outdoor Play. This one pager gives our simple 4 steps for outdoor play along with a few tips. Great to share with parents or put in your next newsletter. 

Get it here.

Ideas. Looking for activities and ideas? Find a list of resources and few easy ideas to get you started. 

Get it here.

Thank you to Mountain Equipment Co-op for supporting this event.