Help Alberta’s students become environmentally, energy, and climate literate


What should students learn in school?  Here’s a golden opportunity for you to weigh in on that question, and help create a new generation of Albertans that are environmentally, energy, and climate literate.  If you’re interested in more such education in future curriculum, creating environmental stewardship and a sustainable future for Alberta – read on!


The Education Minister’s recent commitment to create new K-12 curriculum in Alberta means that you have a superb opportunity to influence what Alberta’s 40,000 teachers teach - and what 670,000 Alberta students learn.   The government is surveying Albertans, asking them to comment on the existing curriculum.  Survey closes on 18 November – so you need to act fast!

You have several opportunities to get involved:


1.  Fill out the survey – at a workshop. ACEE has organized a series of ninety minute workshops in Edmonton and Calgary - BYO laptop!  We’ll help you think about what’s important to YOU when it comes to K-12 education, give you a chance to chat with colleagues – and help you fill out the survey before you leave! Click on the time below you would like to attend and register.

  • Edmonton - Wednesday November 9, Location - Environmental Law Centre #410, 10115 - 100A St NW.


2.  Fill out the survey – at a webinar. ACEE can support your work through a maximum one hour webinar on either Tuesday 8 November or Wednesday 9 November, beginning at 3:45. We’ll help you think about what’s important to YOU when it comes to K-12 education, give you a chance to chat with colleagues – and help you fill out the survey before you leave! Click on the date you would like to attend to register.


3.  Share your thoughts directly with curriculum writers – we encourage all organizations to make a 15 minute presentation to one or more of the Expert Working Groups that will write curriculum. Tell them face to face what you think should be in curriculum!  This is not guaranteed (you need to apply), so be sure to fill out the survey as well!

Click here to find out more, and to apply – applications are due by Monday 14 November.


4.  Read on – and fill out the survey online. Can’t make a workshop or webinar?  We highly recommend you read the following – then click on the link below.


From ACEE: some tips on how to fill out the survey

This two part survey probes respondents’ thoughts about the existing Alberta curriculum, and offers opportunities for you to insert new ideas or concepts.


The good news is that each minute you spend on this survey counts: every one of your responses is recorded, regardless of how much time you spend.  Avoid ‘paralysis by analysis!’ Don’t get caught up in the details!


Part One of the Survey: take just a minute to respond to some general statements - and then you are asked to 'share any additional comments you may have about the proposed direction for new curriculum.’ This is your opportunity to send a strong message supporting environmental education!  Weigh in on the values, knowledge, and skills you think kids should have by Grade 12.  Speak from the heart!  You can also use, or give a shout-out to ACEE’s work in this area – please see below.


Part Two of the Survey asks participants to comment on different topics in the existing curriculum, and what you’d like to see less of and more of.  If you have limited time (like us!), we recommend you select the K-12 range (i.e. all grades) and then review JUST the Science and Social Studies topics. Then do two things:

  1. Give a shout-out to topics that create the potential for environmental education by selecting the button that shows you’d like this topic to have ‘increased emphasis’ in new curriculum. For example, you might do this for “Needs of Plants and Animals” in Grade 1 Science, and “Interactions and Ecosystems” in Grade 7 Science, etc.
  2. Each section has space for ‘Additional comments,’ where you can continue to state your support for environmental education. Sections are organized in clusters (the first one is Kindergarten to Grade 3), so think of age-appropriate things you’d like to see kids learn – and be able to do.  ACEE has spent some time thinking about this – if you’d like to ‘look over our shoulder’ and see how we responded to this survey, click here (link coming).


One last note: we here at ACEE have been working on this for years, and you could choose to either learn from - or give a shout-out to – our 2016 'Curriculum for a Sustainable Future'.  The last half of this document recommends key concepts and student learner outcomes for K-12 science, social studies, and wellness that - if integrated into new Alberta K-12 curriculum - would dramatically increase student literacy around environment, energy, and climate change. This document was created by a task force composed of master teachers, energy and environmental education specialists, and corporate partners committed to sustainable development, and reviewed by over a hundred teachers and other professionals.


Begin the survey:  


Questions?  Contact ACEE Education Director Kathy Worobec at


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