Mission and Vision

ACEE was founded by the Board to help advance environmental education.  Our work is guided by the following:


Alberta is a leader in environmental education, with citizens that are informed and motivated to live more sustainably, be responsible stewards of the environment, and help ensure future generations’ quality of life.


To work collaboratively to advance environmental education in Alberta.

Our Roles

To deliver on our mission we....

  1. Champion environmental education. ACEE will be a voice for the advancement of environmental education, speaking in support of the need for EE and its role in a changing society.
  2. Convene stakeholders. ACEE will convene the EE community, encouraging a variety of strategic conversations, liaisons, networking, actions, and synergistic collaborations between EE groups.
  3. Facilitate leadership. ACEE will help create, clarify, and coordinate leadership within the environmental education community.
  4. Build networks. ACEE will develop, encourage and support networks that facilitate the exchange of information and provide opportunities for collaboration within the Albertan EE community.
  5. Increase capacity. ACEE will develop partnerships and mechanisms to build capacity for, and help ensure, the continual improvement of environmental education groups.
  6. Connect the community. ACEE will work with all interested EE providers to promote EE resources, services, and events to the widest possible audience of Albertan educators; and connect Albertan environmental education efforts to relevant national and international networks, resources, and activities.

Core Values

These core values guide ACEE as it works to accomplish its vision and mission.  ACEE will be…

  1. Strategic. ACEE will consult and engage practitioners in activities that support and complement efforts of other environmental education organizations in Alberta, and will develop strategic initiatives based on the community’s needs.
  2. Transparent. ACEE will be transparent and inclusive in its dealings with the EE community, making relevant policies, budgets, and other documents available to all.
  3. Inclusive. ACEE’s activities will be inclusive of all stakeholders and includes formal, non-formal, and informal education.  ACEE board members will have a wide range of relevant competencies, and will be drawn from a diversity of groups within the environmental education community.
  4. Respectful. ACEE will work in a collegial manner to add value to the efforts of the environmental education community.  ACEE will NOT duplicate, compete with, or attempt to represent others in the community.

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders include...

  • three levels of government
  • corporations and industry associations
  • funders
  • schools
  • non-governmental organizations
  • citizens of all ages