Professional Learning


ACEE continues to host workshops (many in partnership with a variety of organizations), and to promote workshops - some of them delivered by ACEE staff -  to support teachers (pre-service to Master teachers) and agencies to:

  • Learn about current and new curriculum opportunities and directions to enhance your environmental, energy and wellness education programs and practices
  • Explore how to weave environmental, energy and wellness together in your teaching or programs
  • Advance energy and environmental education in current and new curriculum

Professional learning helps us continue to learn from each other to enhance our teaching practices or programs.  We've gathered input from over 65 teachers and 35 agencies to identify the types of workshops that would be of value for enhancing environmental, energy and wellness education. Proposed workshop topics:

  1. Tackling climate change: age-appropriate resources and strategies that engage students - and give them hope!
  2. Energy in the classroom! Some great energy education resources you can use to teach your curriculum.
  3. How to teach controversial energy and environmental issues in the classroom.
  4. How to transform your school to support energy and environmental education.
  5. Education in the Digital Age: Aligning your program with new directions in digital resources and teaching.
  6. Energy and environmental connections for CTF and CTS - creating modules for your school.
  7. Cross-curricular competencies: How to develop student competencies using energy and environmental education?
  8. Take it Outside: Developing student competencies and wellness using outdoor experiential learning.
  9. Beyond Recycling: Deepening teacher's understanding of energy and environmental literacy.
  10. Connecting schools and community groups to enhance energy and environmental education: how teachers and community members can work together.
  11. Make learning visible: how to use assessment and multi-media to capture learning around energy and environmental topics.
  12. Environmental Inquiry: Preparing Alberta students to create a sustainable future through authentic learning.
  13. Projects that Help the Earth: project-based learning to protect the environment.
  14. What does energy and environmental education look like in the classroom?
  15. Finding 'E' in the outdoors: Strengthening the environmental component of your outdoor education program.
  16. How to create and use outdoor learning spaces in your teaching.