Students On Sustainability - Volunteers FAQ

How do I sign up?
Contact laura[at] to sign up or to get further information about our program. You can also attend our information session and workshop on Friday, January 12th to sign up, meet other volunteers, and learn more.
Can I still sign up to volunteer if I missed the workshop?

Yes! All volunteers are welcome to join before February 15th, 2018. 
Do I have to be a University of Calgary student to participate?
While the program originated at the University of Calgary, we encourage all undergraduate and master's students in Calgary to participate, regardless of which school they are attending. 

How much time are volunteers required to give? 
Volunteers are required to deliver two classroom presentations over a two-month period. Each presentation will be approximately an hour in length. It is also expected that volunteers will spend 2-3 hours of their time preparing for these presentations.

What does the training look like? 
A free workshop will be held on Friday, January 12th 2018, during which attendees will learn how to deliver excellent education in the classroom. Volunteers will then be provided with a lesson plan which they will be expected to review and practice on their own time. Volunteers will then meet with their topic leaders to practice and ask any questions that they may have about the content of the lessons. 

How do we evaluate the impact of our program? 
Our goal is for each volunteer to inspire 25 - 30 students to take action for their environment. Following the winter semester, we will quantify the number of students who were reached and who took action. Teachers will also be asked to fill out a survey following the Students On Sustainability program delivery to their classroom.
What are the timelines for the SOS spring session?
January 12th, 2018: Information session and workshop.
February 1 - March 29, 2018: Classroom presentations to be delivered.
March 29, 2018: Sustainability industry networking event. 

Does any money exchange hands? 
No. Currently, program expenses are being covered by the Alberta Council for Environmental Education as well as several grants from the University of Calgary. Classroom presentations are delivered for free and there will be no transactions involved.

Do I have to pay my own travel expenses?
You do not have to pay for your travel expenses. We believe that transportation should not be a barrier to your participation in this organization, so travel expenses to and from your school presentations will be covered.
I am too busy to participate this semester, but I am still interested in Students On Sustainability. Can I sign up to participate next year?
We encourage anyone interested in our program to get in touch. We can sign you up to volunteer in the Fall 2018 semester, or even find alternative ways for you to help out. Contact laura[at] if you would like to get involved with Students On Sustainability within any capacity. 
Can I donate to this organization?
We appreciate donations of any size, which will help contribute to the continuation and expansion of this program. Visit our donation page to make a contribution.