Environmental Education Teacher Toolkit

Watch this short video to learn more about environmental education in the classroom and how the teacher toolkit can help you deliver quality programs to your students.


In this toolkit we try to provide all you need to incorporate Environmental Education into your classroom! Simply click below on the Grade you teach to see the following:

  • Relevant learner outcomes from your curriculum
  • Lesson plans, field trips, classroom visits and other resources you can use to teach your curriculum
  • Suggested integrating themes and inquiry questions
  • Real-life teaching examples


KindergartenGrade 10
Grade 1Grade 11
Grade 2Grade 12
Grade 3Fine Arts
Grade 4Math
Grade 5Language Arts
Grade 6Physical Education
Grade 7Outdoor Education
Grade 8School-wide Programs
Grade 9Teacher PD


The Details: More about the Toolkit

Science and Social Studies contains the following sections:

Curriculum Links - Comprehensive Learner outcomes– directly from the Alberta Program of Studies that connect to environmental education
Resources – field trips, classroom visits, lesson plans and more all pulled from the Encana Environmental Education Resource Centre and linked directly to the Program of Studies
Teaching Examples - what has been tried in real live classrooms! If you have something you want to share, please contact us!

We asked a group of teachers to create Integrating Themes and Inquiry Questions to connect the learner outcomes from various subjects to allow for interdisciplinary collaboration for more in-depth and relevant learning. Inquiry-based learning is a modern approach to allow students to discover and steer their own learning.

For more information about inquiry-based learning, check out what the Galileo Educational Network says about what it is and how to do it.

If you have a question about how to use this toolkit, check out our FAQs.