2016 Survey Results - Get Outside and Play Early Childhood Network

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We were overwhelmed with the response 231 individuals responded to share their thoughts on direction and activities for the Get Outside and Play Early Childhood Network in 2017. Below are the results of the survey along with how these results will be used to advance active outdoor nature play in early childhood.

We will be following up with those of you who stepped up to sit on advisory groups and organize events. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christina Pickles at christina@abcee.org.


Who responded to the survey

Total respondents: 231 individuals

Number of communities represented: 38

What level of training and/or position do you hold? (click on the image for a larger view)











Did you attend any Get Outside and Play Early Childhood Network events last year?

  • 30% Yes
  • 70% No
What does this mean?
  • Communities all over Alberta have an interest in getting young children outside to play.
  • Most people engaged with the network are at the supervisor level. How do we reach out to front-line educators?


Licensing and Regulation Review

This is a work in progress, we will keep you up to date on opportunities as they arise.

  • 90% of respondents were interested in being kept in the loop on this work
  • 40% of respondents were interested in participating in a focus group or working group on this topic.


Professional Learning

We asked about what type of session was most convenient for you. The results reflect the fact that many of the respondents were childcare supervisors who may have a bit more flexibility in their work schedules. We will offer sessions at different times in order to reach different types of educators. Click on image for a larger view









We presented seven different topics and asked you how important they were to you. Below are the results listed in order of importance.

1-Using outdoor spaces for effective learning and play

2-Creating engaging outdoor play spaces

3-Winter outdoor play

4-Activities to deliver outdoors

5-Risky play outdoors

6-Loose parts outdoors

7-Risk assessment and supervision outdoors


Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are an important way to advance your practice, we asked if you were interested in a PLC on the topic of outdoor active nature play.

  • 48% of respondents said YES
  • 44% of respondents said they would like to know more
How will we use this information?
  • We will offer sessions at a variety of times to reach all level of early childhood educators.
  • We have created a series of professional development based on these results. This list will evolve as opportunities come up, but we are excited to offer the following: 
  • Interested in hosting an event or have another idea, please contact Christina christina@abcee.org


Get Outside and Play Week

We are inspired by the support for this program! Stay tuned as we work out the details and open up registration. Many of the respondents to the survey were interested in sitting on an advisory group and/or organizing events, we will reach out to you soon to engage you in the process!

  • 78% will participate in the event
  • 78% will promote the event through their networks
  • 30% will sit on an advisory group
  • 24% will organize a community event