2019 Conference Proposals

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Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to present a session at the Recharge 2019 Conference, 23-25 May 2019 in Canmore, Alberta.

We have two goals at this conference: to help K– 12 teachers advance energy and environmental education in their classrooms and through outdoor education, and to ‘put up a big tent’ in Canmore that allows a rich interchange and conversation between teachers and program providers that support student learning in this area.

We want participants to leave with new learning, tools, connections, Monday morning ready activities and engagement and outreach ideas that will help them deliver energy and environmental education in their schools and communities. Session participants should be engaged in hands-on activities and discussions.


Conference Themes

Your successful proposal will address one or more of the following themes:

Challenges, opportunities, and solutions in energy and environmental education: unpacking, discussing, and sharing relevant learning, strategies, and approaches.

Recharge: how to ‘recharge:’ participants will ‘learn by doing’ practices that they can use during the busy school year to help keep them energized, refreshed, motivated, and ‘leaning into’ their teaching.

Understanding the connections and interdependence between environment, economy, society, and community - towards a sustainable future.

Hands-on learning: helping learners learn through interactive and engaging approaches such as inquiry and project-based learning.

Taking action: supporting a culture of energy literacy and environmental stewardship in our schools and communities through education and outreach that culminates in action and behaviour change. Learners apply their knowledge as they solve environmental problems and feel hopeful about the future.

Taking it outside: how outdoor education helps amplify the impacts of energy and environmental education.

Connect to excellent teaching practice: demonstrating how energy and environmental education delivers on cross-curricular competencies, 21st century skills, inquiry, and project-based and experiential learning.

Leadership: building the capacity and leadership skills of delegates and organizations.

Critically using technology: using technology to hook, engage and sustain learning, action, and critical thinking related to energy and the environment.


Types of Sessions

You will have the option of the following types of sessions:

45 minute sessions
1.5 hours sessions
3 hour  workshops

Please note that the organizer reserves the right to slightly adjust the session duration as needed.



  • Submit up to three sessions.
  • We are able to offer $50 honoraria for presenters. If you choose to accept the honorarium, you’ll receive this as a cheque at the conference – so no need to wait, please register for the conference!
  • Presenters must be registered for the conference to present a workshop.  The early bird registration (just $199!) is still available, and is a great deal!
  • ACEE reserves the right to cancel a session.


Important Dates

  • Deadline for submission of your workshop proposal is October 14, 2018.
  • Your proposal will be reviewed by a committee of volunteers; we hope to be able to announce our workshop program by October 5.

For more information about the conference, visit www.abcee.org/Recharge

Tip: We suggest reviewing the questions, drafting your responses in Word, then filling out the form.  This also allows you to keep a copy of your workshop proposal!

If you have any questions, please contact Conference Chair Laura Hughes at Laura [at] abcee.org, or (250) 826-2867.


This is the description that will appear in the program. Please be concise. Up to 100 words.
This information is used by the committee to review your session. Include details on what attendees will take away from your session that they can use in the classroom, why do you want to share this project or idea with others and any other details about your proposal. Up to 200 words.
Tell us briefly about your experience and background. This will be used in the program. Up to 80 words.
A key criteria for the conference committee is that all sessions be engaging, hands-on, active, outdoors, or memorable in a unique way. Please indicate in the space below how your workshop will deliver on any of these criteria. Up to 100 words.
To ensure that your proposal has an greater likelihood of being accepted, your session must address one or more of the following themes. Indicate which themes best fit your proposal. For a full description of the themes, see the introduction to this form.
Briefly describe how your session fits the themes you checked off above.
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