2019 Pre-Conference Summit

Connecting regionally and provincially to advance environmental, energy, and climate education in Alberta

Thursday - May 23, 2019

Coast Hotel, Canmore, AB - 9:30am to 4:30pm

The Summit will precede our annual 'Recharge' conference to support environmental, energy, and climate education.  Attendance is free (includes coffee, snacks, and lunch), but pre-registration is necessary. Registration for the Summit is included on the conference registration.

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 High Time for a Summit…

  • Times are changing. Given rapidly changing times, an uncertain economic outlook, and the provincial election – now is the best time to revisit and re-evaluate our direction, as individual organizations and as a community.
  • We need to talk. Over 100 organizations and agencies ‘wake up in the morning’ in Alberta thinking about the provision of some kind of education service to teachers and students in Alberta to help advance environmental, energy, and climate literacy – the Summit will allow us to connect to one another.
  • Regional initiatives create the potential for collaborative community efforts that build a provincial movement.


What will happen at the Summit? Participants will….

  • Help create a provincial movement advocating for advancing environmental and energy education in Alberta and investigate ways to organize this movement.
  • Network, share best practices and collaborate with others on strengthening environment, energy and climate education in Alberta.


Here’s a few examples of conversations that may occur at the Summit...

  • The City of Calgary will lead a regional conversation, inviting community groups and other educators to ‘put their shoulder to the wheel’ and help accelerate climate education and action by citizens and students.
  • Educators from the Pincher Creek area will use the summit as an opportunity to deepen their collaborative work to create more local opportunities for STEM and outdoor education.


What’s already happening?

ACEE collaborated with Alberta’s environmental education community to co-create our Theory of Change, which we will revisit at the summit.

Please contact Kathy Worobec if you have any questions - kathy[at]abcee.org