2019 Summit - Outcomes and Actions

Connecting to advance environmental, energy, and climate education in Alberta

Over 70 environmental educators gathered at the 2019 Pre-Conference Summit on May 23, 2019 in Canmore Alberta to connect and support environmental education in Alberta. The group explored ways that we can advance environmental education in Alberta - what is it that needs to change and how can we work together to create a provincial movement. The Theory of Change (created at a 2015 Summit) helped guide the participants work.

Declaration in Support of Environmental Education

The first thing created from the Summit is the Declaration in Support of Environmental Education that was unveiled during the Recharge Conference. Over 75 people have already shown their support for the Declaration. It outlines the priorities and our ask of the Alberta government and educational leaders. READ THE DECLARATION.

Next Steps

ACEE will soon have more information from the Summit on actions and next steps on how we can work together to create a provincial movement to ensure we achieve the ask outlined in the Declaration.

A BIG thanks to everyone that attended and helped us create the declaration and some steps for continuing this important work.

Summit Purpose

  • To create a provincial movement advocating for advancing environmental, energy and climate change education and investigate ways to organize this movement.
  • To network, share best practices and collaborate with others on strengthening environment, energy and climate change education in Alberta.


Please contact Kathy Worobec if you have any questions - kathy[at]abcee.org


Thank you to the following for supporting the Summit