Environmental & Energy Professional Development (PD) Opportunities for Teachers in Alberta

Upcoming Environmental & Energy Education PD for Teachers in Alberta 2018-2019 (Must Register)


ProviderAreaWorkshop(s)Scheduled Date



Renewable Energy & Climate Change

Teacher PD Program

August 25-26, 2019


Fort McMurray, 




Youth Summits 

November & December 


 OldsYouth Agriculture Leadership SummitMarch 5-8, 2020
CanmoreRecharge 2020 ConferenceApril 16-18, 2020

Workshops at teachers'

conventions. See opportunities.

Teachers' Conventions 2020


Variety of topics. See full list here.

Upcoming dates


Project WILD, Below Zero, and

WILD About Sports. Sign up to be notified of

upcoming WILD Education in your area.



& Calgary


Conferences & workshops.

Upcoming opportunities.



Online webinars on a variety of topics, including

schoolyard greening, water, biodiversity, food,

sustainability, & climate change. Past webinars.

Upcoming webinars

are TBA. Will be

found here 


& Area

Environmental & Energy related

workshops posted when available.

See all opportunities. 



& Area

Environmental & Energy related

workshops posted when available. Search for

Take It Outside and Get Outside with PBL.

See all opportunities.



Hat & Lethbridge

Environmental & Energy related

workshops posted when available.

See all opportunities.



Year-Round Environmental & Energy Education PD for Teachers in Alberta (Upon Request)


Provider                                                    AreaWorkshops Offered 

Canmore, Calgary

& Area

Variety of topics, including climate

change, outdoor learning, & inquiry.

Cochrane, Calgary

& Area

Using Alberta Tomorrow in

the classroom & curricular connections

(Alberta Tomorrow is an online simulator to

explore resources now and in the future). Contact

Jennifer Janzen to request a workshop (year-round):


Calgary & Area

Topics range across all teachable grades and focus on

outdoor experiences, action projects, and wildlife.

Edmonton & Area

The Edmonton Waste Management Centre can visit your

school on a PD day and talk about recycling, reusing,

composting, or anything waste related.

Calgary & Area

Educator field trips for groups of staff or individuals.

Structured based on teachers needs and include

guided hikes to the Rocky Mountains. 

Calgary & Area

Inquiry Based Learning in Environmental Education

Digital Learning for Environmental Education, and the 

option to tailor workshops to teacher needs, including 

climate, energy, and the 3 Rs.

Email education@greencalgary.org to book.

Calgary & Edmonton,

with online training for others

Workshops that focus on bringing GreenLearning

programs into the classroom and strategies for

engaging and empowering students to

take positive actions.

Canmore & Banff

Nature-based education and forest play.

Calgary & Area

Supporting teachers in climate change

and energy education.


Additional Environmental Education Adult Workshop Providers in Alberta (May Serve as Teacher PD Upon Request)


ProviderAreaWorkshops Offered
                                                                                                  Edmonton &          AreaWorkshops are adjusted for needs of the group and are focused on birds, research, climate change, and conservation
    Lethbridge & AreaDiscovery Tours for groups. Topics include bird watching, geocashing, wildflowers, & sustainable building tours
Slave Lake & AreaGroups can book ecology hikes in surrounding forests 



Adult education courses on gardening and horticulture
Edmonton & AreaLiving with urban wildlife