ACEE EcoSchools Workshop Offerings

Would you like to learn about the EcoSchools program, explore curriculum connections, build your school's action plan or understand how EcoSchools actions can support learning around Indigenous perspectives and climate solutions? Our team provides virtual sessions across Alberta, with tailored virtual or in-person sessions available with sub funding in Calgary and the Capital region! We offer workshops of one hour to full-day length. Whether your school recently joined the EcoSchools Program, has completed actions or even previously certified as an EcoSchool, we have something for you! Check out our sample list of workshops below, and contact our EcoSchools Canada in Alberta team to arrange for a session tailored to your school's priorities and interests.

Getting Started

  • Introduction to EcoSchools Canada in Alberta - get started and learn about EcoSchools Canada’s free platform
  • Optimizing Your EcoSchools Experience - build your school’s plan from over 45 actions

Exploring EcoSchools Themes

  • Energy - explore energy conservation actions and learn about energy audits
  • Environmental Literacy and Teacher PD - discover the many ways to get your students involved in learning IN, ABOUT, FOR, and FROM the environment and deepen your knowledge and skills 
  • Food - grow your own food and get cooking to support a healthy planet and school community 
  • Nature and Biodiversity - learn how to nurture nature in your school grounds
  • Outdoor Learning - experience the benefits of taking learning outdoors in your local surroundings
  • Transportation - track school transportation emissions and explore active and sustainable transportation
  • Waste - examine how waste is managed at your school and take thoughtful steps to reduce it
  • Water - investigate and improve your school’s relationship with water
  • Wellness - learn how EcoSchools actions can help instill wellness in your students by connecting them to something bigger than themselves 

Reaching New Heights 

  • Green Careers - help your students explore careers that can contribute to a liveable future
  • Indigenous Education - explore Reconciliation and Indigenous connections as an EcoSchool 
  • Climate Education - inspire and engage your students through a focus on climate solutions 
  • Youth Leadership - experience student voices and foster servant leadership for learning and action through EcoSchools 
  • Eco-Justice - explore why justice matters to EcoSchools
  • Deliberative Dialogue - practice approaches to engage with difficult topics