ACEE's proposal to support the student recommendations

ACEE is ready to lead this work with education stakeholders to deliver on the student recommendations. Our work will include the following:

  1. Continue to work with Alberta Education, educational leadership, and key education stakeholders to ensure that new curriculum includes environmental, energy and climate change education across all grades and subjects students' recommendations are implemented.
  2. Work with the provincial government to provide funding for schools to implement energy efficiency/renewable energy solutions that are linked to and support student learning and engagement.
  3. Create a provincial youth network to engage high school students in a provincial conversation as they advise and share best practices with government, school boards, other education stakeholders and media.
  4. Enhance ACEE's searchable database to ensure quality environmental, energy and climate change programs are easily accessible for Alberta teachers - and use this database to identify gaps and work with stakeholders to ensure the gaps are filled.
  5. Provide capacity-building opportunities (Climate Leadership Clinics) for school divisions to help them develop and implement their own Climate Leadership Plan for their school division.
  6. Dramatically increase teacher professional learning on environmental, energy and climate change education, working with existing teacher professional learning programs (Alberta Regional Consortia, Alberta Teachers' Association - specialist councils, and conventions).
  7. Host annual conferences to connect teachers and agencies, celebrate best practices and reinforce the benefits of this important work.
  8. Evaluate the success of this work (measure new opportunities in curriculum, increased teacher capacity, increased students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy, and reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions)