Advancing Energy Education

As part of our work to advance environmental education in Alberta, we will also advance education about energy conservation, efficiency, and renewables in Alberta - thanks to a significant two-year grant from Energy Efficiency Alberta!

Here are some examples of how ACEE is helping to advance energy education: 

  • Promote and build capacity of schools & school boards to receive funding for energy education projects. Check out  our Grants page for current funding opportunities. 
  • Deliver the Energy Revealed Program- our Energy Efficiency and Climate Action program, which leverages new technology that makes energy visible, using dashboards that allow students to see the details of energy consumption in their schools or community buildings. 
  • Build the capacity of Alberta's teachers and agencies to deliver energy education through our workshops
  • Highlight to the education community the benefits of teaching about energy with inspiring stories.

  • Help school trustees and superintendents ‘take the next step’ towards energy efficiency and environmental sustainability through our Thought Leaders Forum and our ongoing support of School Boards

  •  Advance ‘Education around Energy and the Environment’ through annual conferences such as Recharge 2019 to build capacity, share best practices, and celebrate progress.

  • Create easy access to high-quality teaching resources to support student learning with our newly updated Resource Hub

  • Engage youth voice, through Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental & Energy Education, as they call for more of this kind of education – and celebrate and highlight exemplary work by students

  • Share research about what Alberta students should learn about energy efficiency and conservation. 

Thank you to Energy Efficiency Alberta for supporting this work!