ALYEEE Work 2016

Students’ Recommendations for Climate Leadership in Alberta schools

In 2016, over 3000 students worked with ACEE and CGE and outlined recommendations in “Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leaders" which they presented to Education Minister David Eggen and Environment & Parks Minister Shannon Phillips. The report outlines recommendations for curriculum, student learning, school infrastructure, and teacher professional learning. Check out their story on Green Energy Futures.


Students and ACEE present to Educational Leaders

Alberta Education invited Alberta’s educational leadership to hear from students and ACEE, and on Wednesday, June 22 we were pleased to share our thoughts with these groups in the Alberta Legislature building. Watch the short video below of their concluding remarks and their hopes of how Alberta's educational leaders can support their recommendations.

Exploring the links between energy efficiency, schools and K-12 education in Alberta 

ACEE worked with the Alberta government to convene a session on September 16th, 2016 for students, teachers, non-profit organizations, trustees and other education stakeholders. It was an opportunity to share expertise and ideas with Alberta's Energy Efficiency Panel on how to weave together energy efficiency and education in Alberta. Check out the meeting summary of discussion and final key messages. Additionally, you can view the notes from the following presenters; Queen Elizabeth High School studentsCareer & Technology Centre studentsJames Stuart (Teacher, St. Richard Elementary School),  Julie Hrdlicka (Trustee, Calgary Board of Education), and Gareth Thomson (Executive Director, Alberta Council for Environmental Education).​


Our students asked - and Alberta Education responded with a great announcement!

We are feeling PROUD of our students - and excited that our work with them is making a difference!  Students' work on “How Alberta Schools should show Climate Leadership” figured prominently in October 26, 2016 exciting announcement by two Provincial Ministers that new schools will all have solar panels. Students got a direct shout-out by Minister Eggen: 'We have heard directly from students from across Alberta and their message is clear – they want us to be leaders on climate change."  Here's an important quote from the news release: "Putting solar panels on schools was a recommendation made by students to the Alberta government as a way to demonstrate leadership on tackling climate change.” Check out the news release here and on CBC!