Southern Alberta

Learning to Love the Natural World Enough to Protect It is an article from Louise Chawla that makes the connection between early childhood experiences outdoors with a caring adult and environmental action later in life.

International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education focuses on addressing issues, policies, practices, and research that matters for early childhood environmental education

Helping Children Love the Earth Before We Ask them to Save It is a short article that summarizes research into nature connection and its benefits.

Guide to Education for Sustainability offers introductory tools, background, and examples to help educators of all grade levels and subject areas strengthen classroom curricula and community projects

Forest and Nature School in Canada: A Head, Heart, Hands Approach to Outdoor Learning is a resource focused on new approaches to nature-based learning

Measuring the Success of Environmental Education Programs is an easy to follow guide to evaluating your environmental education programs.

Measuring What Matters, created by ACEE in 2016, is our recommendations on how to better connect with teachers. Recommendations are aimed at all organizations that offer programs, grants or awards, and are based on our focus groups and surveys of Alberta teachers that identified barriers, challenges and ideas on how to better engage teachers in accessing environmental and energy education resources - and measure the impacts.

Connecting the Dots focuses on learning strategies and the ways of organizing learning experiences; the “how to” of learning. These learning strategies involve students as engaged learners, learning within the context of their communities and addressing relevant, local issues.

The Community of Practice Design Guide provides a practical approach to creating communities of practice.

Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale is an article by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze looking at the characteristics of networks and how they can lead to change.