Alberta Environment & Parks provides activity books and lesson plans for all Grades and a variety of topics, including air quality, Alberta wildlife and fish, composting, and waste reduction.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry provides lesson plans and resources about agriculture in Alberta for all Grades. 

Nature Source is an education portal created by Alberta Parks that contains virtual experiences and curriculum-linked modules. 

Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Provides the following science and social studies curriculum-linked programs for students in the Calgary area.

 Winter Walkabout (Gr. 1-2), Amazing Mini Adventure (Gr.1-3), The Web of Life (Gr. 3-5), Keepers of the Land (Gr.4), Forest Explore (Gr. 6), NEW Conserving the Wilderness of  the Alberta Night Sky (Gr. 6), and Care for the Land (Gr. 7- 9).


The John Janzen Nature Centre offers programs for elementary, junior high, and customizable programs for high school students in the Edmonton area. All programs are linked to curriculum, and cover various topics including animals, trees, ecosystems, and wetlands. 



Leap Into Action! was created by the BC Conservation Foundation and Wild BC for teachers and is full of lesson plans to help prepare, inspire and support students in conducting age-appropriate environmental action projects, including skill-building activities and tools and real-life case studies. It is also a useful guide for programs outside the classroom setting.



For generations, the relationship between Aboriginal people and the rest of Canada has been damaged. Can water be the common ground that begins to reconcile this relationship?

We think so. Watch the films. Teach the Curriculum. Begin the dialogue.

The Sacred Relationship free documentary online

Lesson plans for Grade 5 & 6 Science and Social Studies

The Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Fort Normandeau in Red Deer offer a range of curriculum- based programs for K-9, and take requests from high school teachers as well.

Topics include: plants and animals, life cycles, geology, and wetlands. With two lakes and abundant wildlife, the Kerry Wood Nature Centre is an ideal spot to experience nature with your class. 



Outdoors In provides in-class curriculum-based programs and local field trips to natural areas nearby for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6, pre-school, youth, and community members in the Calgary area. 

These exciting programs are very interactive and sensory and will leave your group with new found knowledge of the animals and the environment of the Calgary area in Alberta.

Explore this example of an Action Project that your class/school can take, by Dr. E.W. Coffin School in Calgary. Students of the school created signs with their own artwork and wording in order to communicate the importance of the special nature area around their school to others. 

Students can learn about over 120 environmental careers with this online search tool. Each career contains information about what it entails, required education, and a Role Model's personal story of their experience in that career.