The Miistakis Institute is a not for profit environmental research institute affiliated with Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta . The reports and publications they offer provide an excellent resource for teachers who want current, accurate studies about wildlife, conservation, and renewable energy in Alberta. 

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg helped launch an initiative by school-aged children to boycott school in response to the climate crisis.  She's made headlines this year through her uncompromising - and uncomfortable! - presentation to the United Nations' COP24 Climate Change conference in Poland and to numerous world leaders since then.  For Greta, it's as simple as this: climate change is a threat to our survival, and the world is not doing enough about it. Each Friday since August 2018, Greta has missed school to go on strike outside of the Swedish Parliament Building. She is demanding change and has encouraged kids around the world to do the same until world leaders take serious action to reduce emissions and fulfill the mandates of the Paris Agreement. 

Check out this 5 minute video of Greta speaking. Show this to your students, and ask them:

Do you agree with Greta's point of view?
Do you think her admission to being on the autism spectrum was an effective strategy?
What are the pros and cons of boycotting school?
What should students - and adults - be doing about the changing climate?
Do you think her presentation to the UN was effective?

The Climate Interactive website includes a variety of unique tools:

  • Climate Change Negotiations Game, designed to mimic UN Climate Change negotiations
  • Interactive simulations to help students understand climate change like the Climate Bathtub 
  • The Climate Pathways Mobile App, the first-ever app to simulate global temperature change on a mobile device, answering two important questions:
    • How much do greenhouse gas emissions have to fall to stabilize the earth’s temperature?
    • What are the implications of waiting to start reducing emissions?

NAIT offers fantastic 360 virtual experiences. These interactive tours allow users to explore various environments to discover what common boreal wetland and forest types look like, as well as learn about how wildfire and prescribed burn events affect these systems. If you are using a smart device, select the compass in the top right-hand corner to enable 3D orientation mode.

The Virtual Walk in the Forest Tours are a collaboration between NAIT Centre for Boreal Research and Fuse Consulting Ltd., with contributions from the Government of Alberta, the EMEND project, and various generous photographers.



The Pembina institute's energy policy simulator gives people a chance to see how government policies -  like the carbon tax- affect emissions across Canada. With over 50 climate policy ideas to choose from, this open-source database can be used to deepen your understanding of how Canadian policies can be used to meet our emissions reductions targets.

The New Energy Projects map of Alberta showcases more than 200 clean energy projects, ranging from wind and solar to energy efficiency and clean tech. Student projects are also showcased. 

MyHEAT offers aerial thermal imaging. Students can use the online platform to explore their home's heat loss and compare it to other neighbourhoods in their city. This program can also be used as a way for students to engage in action projects to reduce heat and energy waste in their own homes. See also the new aerial maps that showcase solar energy potential of rooftops and where to position solar panels. 

Ocean Wise offers a traveling program visiting schools across Canada. To request a visit to your school, please visit the website

  • AquaVan - We offer two program styles to accommodate a maximum of 260 students or a maximum of 500 students. All programs include four staff as well as live marine invertebrates.
  • AquaZone - Full day program (four sessions) or half day program (two sessions) can accommodate up to 30 students per session and includes two staff, a selection of artifacts and live marine invertebrates.
  • AquaKits - Standalone kits ready for use in your classroom complete with lesson plans, rented per day of use plus transportation costs to and from your location.


Vertical Oxygen can help schools design and install living walls. Their services include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of walls
  • Plants
  • Automatic irrigation system
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance training

Custom applications include:

  • Mobile living walls
  • Integrated aquaponics
  • Off-grid solar PV powered systems
  • Rain-water irrigation
  • Double-sided living walls

Sustainable Me has an excellent series of short video interviews with Albertans about their sustainability projects, including business owners, home builders, educators, and environmental advocates.

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education YouTube channel is a resource for teachers wanting to get inspired and inspire their students to take action. The channel features a variety of short video clip success stories of student-led action projects.