This Electricity Usage Monitor is available to order online and calculates operating costs of household appliances.

This Plug-In Energy Monitor is available to order and tracks how much energy each appliance uses. 

Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use calculator allows students to estimate their annual energy use and cost per year. 

Full Circle Adventures provides field trip programs for Grade 5 and 7 students in various parks within or just outside of Calgary. Students will learn about traditional uses of plants, human impact, and different world views. 

SHAPE provides online guides to help develop walk-to-school programs for your community school. 

Evergreen Theatre programs include a touring stage show as well as an Artist in Residency program.​

  • Every year Evergreen Theatre puts on a different 50-minute touring show, with curriculum-based scripts, exciting props and student participation. A teacher's guide is available for pre/post discussions in the classroom.
  • The Artist in Residency program connects theatre professionals to your school to create a play with your students, "growing" your own show. Get kids teaching their peers about science and the environment through theatre. Using inquiry-based learning, students are challenged to discover meaning and relevance in curriculum linked topics pertinent to natural, scientific and environmental issues.


Whether you’re already an avid citizen scientist or simply love getting outside to explore, get ready to Capture Your Curiosity with Alberta’s nature app, NatureLynx! Take pictures of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity, share them with others, and get them verified by the ABMI’s species experts. NatureLynx is about fun, about getting involved in the scientific process, and about helping to improve our collective understanding of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity. Teachers and students can use the Naturelynx app to identify species, submit and view biodiversity sightings, create and complete missions, & collect data. 


Little Green Library is a community resource offering environmental books and DVDs to Calgarians. It is located right in the Green Hub alongside the Green Calgary EcoStore, at #100 - 301-14th Street NW.

Green Calgary also provides worm bin rentals to classrooms for 2-6 weeks. 

The Climate Atlas features an interactive map where students can explore Canada's temperature, growing season, and precipitation in the past, present, and future. There is also a video library exploring a wide range of topics about climate change impacts and action.

Land Talk is an interactive map showcasing stories from around the world about how the land has changed. On its own, this is an excellent historic resource to study how areas have changed. Students and teachers can also submit conversations from their city to be added on the map. There are also lesson plans


The website also features lesson plans that explore topics in ecology, history, changes in biomes, and the power of words.