Early Childhood (0-5)

Nature Canada's Toolkit is a Do-it-yourself guide for educators to get kids outside and explore the wonders of nature right in their school yard.

RecycleBots is a free mobile game (available for Android). In the game, players learn how to sort waste into recycling, landfill or composting with the help of their robot friends.

SHAPE provides online guides to help develop walk-to-school programs for your community school. 

The Jungle Farm near Red Deer provides field trip programs for elementary students. 

Spring: Pollination and plant growth.

Fall: Plant and animal seasonal behavior changes.



The Calgary Farmyard (previously Calgary Corn Maze) provides field trips programs on gardening and farm animals. Field trips take place in the Spring (June) and Fall (September & October).

Granary Road provides active learning field trips for Gr, K-9, in which students can explore outdoor exhibits covering the following topics: crops, animals, bees, swamps, and bats. 

Telus World of Science provides the following Environmental programs:

Gr. 5 Mechanisms Using Electricity - Call the Electrician, Electric Car Garage, Robotics Lab

Gr. 9 Electric Principles & Technologies- Power Up! & MakerLab

Syncrude Environment Galley & IMAX theatre - Gr. 1-4, 6-8. 




Based in Lacombe County, Ellis Bird Farm provides field trip programs to elementary schools in Central Alberta. Field trips focus on birds, wetlands, plants, and insects.

See also the new online learning space with videos, activities, and crafts. 


Based in Calgary, Nature's Ride and Ciclomanías provide energy, waste, and art workshops. Visit their website to learn more and book a workshop. 

Visit the Ciclomanías website to learn more about sustainability and social responsibility, and check out their online store of recycled crafts and do-it-yourself kits. 


Bow Habitat station offers programs for K-6+ students, focusing on waste and water, air, & land biodiversity through integrating science and social studies curriculum.