SHAPE provides online guides to help develop walk-to-school programs for your community school. 

The Jungle Farm near Red Deer provides field trip programs for elementary students. 

Spring: Pollination and plant growth.

Fall: Plant and animal seasonal behavior changes.



Design Our Climate- explore strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a scientifically-reviewed interactive simulation to help make informed choices about electricity, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials

Visualizing and Understanding the Science of Climate Change is a series of 9 online lessons/activities that teach students about the chemistry of climate change, impacts of climate change, climate feedback loops, effects on oceans, and responding to climate change. 

Isotopes Matter is an online interactive resource which includes a new IUPAC interactive periodic table of the isotopes and demonstrates how applications of isotopes relate to sustainability.



Whether you’re already an avid citizen scientist or simply love getting outside to explore, get ready to Capture Your Curiosity with Alberta’s nature app, NatureLynx! Take pictures of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity, share them with others, and get them verified by the ABMI’s species experts. NatureLynx is about fun, about getting involved in the scientific process, and about helping to improve our collective understanding of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity. Teachers and students can use the Naturelynx app to identify species, submit and view biodiversity sightings, create and complete missions, & collect data. 


The Calgary Farmyard (previously Calgary Corn Maze) provides field trips programs on gardening and farm animals. Field trips take place in the Spring (June) and Fall (September & October).

Granary Road provides active learning field trips for Gr, K-9, in which students can explore outdoor exhibits covering the following topics: crops, animals, bees, swamps, and bats. 

What's in your water? - This interactive map allows students learn about natural occurrences in water, pollutants, and how we and industry impact water quality in the Bow River Basin. 

Water Use Quiz - Students can take the quiz to better understand how much their everyday actions use water.

The Alberta Water Nexus Video - This quick video provides visuals to show students that energy, food, and people all need water and we must find a balance to meet our needs and those of the animals and plants that depend on our basin. 




The NEED Project has solar education kits for purchase on their website. Written at four levels, primary, elementary, intermediate, and secondary students learn about solar energy transformations including solar energy to thermal energy and solar energy to electricity.

Sunwind provides classroom kits for purchase that provide parts and instructions for making solar cars.

Little Green Library is a community resource offering environmental books and DVDs to Calgarians. It is located right in the Green Hub alongside the Green Calgary EcoStore, at #100 - 301-14th Street NW.

Green Calgary also provides worm bin rentals to classrooms for 2-6 weeks.