AYLEE Work 2021

Educating for the Future: Building a Sustainable Alberta

March 25, 2021 - AYLEE  hosted their first event titled "Educating for the Future: Building a Sustainable Alberta!" They shared why they believe environmental and climate change education is needed and their vision for a brighter future. They also had conversations with the attendees on these topics, diving into the perspectives of others on environmental education. They hope to integrate these new perspectives and ideas into their call to action!

ACEE's Virtual Webinar to Advance Environmental Education

March 18, 2021 - AYLEE members Sasha and Chloe presented to 20 education leaders at ACEE's virtual webinar to advance environmental education. They shared how a lack of environmental education is contributing to feelings of being uneducated, unprepared, and ignored in terms of climate change among their classmates and how hands-on, solution-oriented projects in school, such as the living desk at Robert Thirsk High School, can help students to feel more hopeful. 

Ross Shepard Parent Council Presentation 

March 17, 2021 - AYLEE members Chris, Kelly, and Lauren presented with Wyatt from ACEE to the Ross Shepard Parent Council on the need for environmental education and the role that parent councils can play in helping to advance it in Alberta.

AYLEE's Message to Teachers

February 2021 - AYLEE members sent a message to teachers this month through a recorded video that was shared at ACEE's workshops at various teachers' conventions. Their message was this: "The education system needs to be revised and it starts with you, the teachers of Alberta. By attending workshops such as this one, you can help bring environmental, energy, and climate change education to your classroom - which helps students like us to become more hopeful and prepared for our future."

ACEE's Virtual Forum for Education Leaders 

February 9, 2021 - AYLEE member Sneha presented to over 20 education leaders at ACEE's "Give Students a Better Future" virtual forum. She shared what projects she has worked on through her school's environmental class and the positive impacts that those opportunities have had on her education. She also called on all of the education leaders to engage youth in their work to ensure that youth perspectives on environmental, energy, and climate change education are heard. 

AYLEEE Planning Day

February 6, 2021 - 13 AYLEE members met to flesh out their ideas for creating change over the next few months. It was an incredibly productive day with a lot of brainstorming, goals being set, and plans being made. They are excited to being putting all of these plans into action and to share what they've been up to! 

Give Students a Better Future Virtual Event

January 21, 2021 - AYLEE member Jack presented to 40 environmental educators, parents, teachers, and education leaders at ACEE's "Give Students a Better Future" virtual event. He was joined by AYLEEE members Sasha and Chloe through recorded videos, and together they shared their concerns for the future and why they believe that environmental, energy, and climate education is important. Jack also made a clear ask of everyone on the call: share your support for environmental, energy, and climate education with your MLA, school board trustee, or school council, and in your work, include youth in the discussion and at the decision making table.

Meeting with MLAs Sarah Hoffman and Marlin Schmidt

January 12, 2021 - 8 AYLEE members met with Alberta MLAs Sarah Hoffman and Marlin Schmidt. The youth shared their vision for environmental, energy, and climate change education in Alberta schools and their recommendations on how to achieve it. They also had a great conversation with the two MLAs about environmental education, the curriculum development process, and what the future may hold for these youth leaders as they move onto post-secondary. Following the meeting, youth reflected in saying that it was motivating, enlightening, informative, meaningful, and exciting to hear from and talk with the two MLAs.