Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education

Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education (AYLEEE) is a network of youth grades 7-12 from across rural and urban Alberta that demonstrate leadership in environmental and energy education in their schools and communities. ACEE is supporting the students in their environmental education projects and providing them with opportunities to have their voices heard in Alberta.

Interested in joining AYLEEE in the 2020-2021school year?

Teacher Sign-Up for 2020/21 Youth Sign-Up for 2020/21

Important to note: This year, we welcome any interested youth to sign up for the program! In the past, we have always worked with teachers who have an environmentally focused class or club, and while we are still encouraging teachers to participate with their students, youth are not required to join the program through a teacher. 

To learn more about joining the AYLEEE program, checkout our 2020-2021 Program Information Package.

Want to hear from these students?

If you are interested in in hearing from thoughtful, passionate, and well-informed youth, please contact to discuss how we might connect you.

In the past, AYLEEE youth have presented at environmental and energy conferences, gatherings of Alberta’s educational leadership, and teachers conventions – and met with Education Minister Adriana LaGrange in March of this year. Commonly, students share the story of their learning in school, talk about the superior learning outcomes they have experienced through outdoor, environmental, energy, and climate education, and suggest ways in which their audience might collaborate to advance this essential education.

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Highlights of AYLEEE members' work over the years

Thank you to our program sponsors, Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, The Calgary Foundation, Energy Efficiency Alberta, and Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink, for helping the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education to take the next steps towards environmental and energy leadership.


“I value AYLEEE because it gives me an opportunity to have my voice heard and valued. Without AYLEEE I don't think I would have discovered my passion for the environment.” 

- Sasha, Queen Elizabeth High School, Calgary