Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education

  Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education (AYLEEE) is a student group from grades 7-12 across rural and urban Alberta that demonstrate leadership in environmental and energy education in their schools and communities. ACEE and the Centre for Global Education are supporting the students in their environmental education projects and providing them with opportunities to have their voices heard in Alberta. Check out highlights of AYLEEE work so far in 2020!

- AYLEEE members at the October 2019 retreat in Canmore

Outcomes of AYLEEE:

  • Students emerge from the program knowledgeable on the Alberta education system and as trained advocates who can “speak truth to power” - and are hopeful about the future, because they know they’ve made a difference. 
  • Decision makers across Alberta will have heard, and given consideration to, student arguments in support of increased environmental and energy education in the province.
  • Students will understand the meaning of, and the power of, advocacy. They will learn firsthand the impact of advocacy and the potential for citizen voices in provincial decision making.
  • Students will develop public speaking skills, be given a platform to share their voice and ideas, and build confidence to take further environmental actions
  • Students engage in bi-weekly Tuesday meetings (both online and face to face) to increase their knowledge in the following areas. 
    • Climate mitigation through small-scale projects
    • The existing education system and how decisions are made
    • How they can use their interest in climate mitigation and their knowledge of the education system to create change in Alberta education


Check out the AYLEEE highlights from 2020 so far!

- AYLEEE members with the Alberta Minister of Education

Youth leadership in previous years

AYLEEE participants have recently shown leadership by sharing their call for more environmental, energy and climate change education by presenting at..

And by creating the following videos...


Want to hear from these students?  Interested in joining AYLEEE in the 2020/21 school year?  

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Thank you to our program sponsors, Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, The Calgary Foundation and Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink, for helping the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental and Energy Education to take the next steps towards climate leadership.