AYLEEE Projects and Events

2019 AYLEEE Summit - October 25-26, 2019 

25 AYLEEE students from across Alberta met in Canmore for a Summit. During the summit, they:

  • learned about advocacy, the importance of communication, and the power of youth voice in systems change
  • discussed environment, energy, and climate change projects
  • participated in team building exercises
  • built valuable connections with their peers around the province

Following the summit, students reported feeling moderately to very confident about advocating for environment, energy and climate change education, and were excited to continue building on their projects, learning about advocacy, and developing their communication skills.

“I want to learn about …” Campaign

ALYEEE asked students to join their "I want to learn about...." campaign to share what they want to learn to be climate leaders to create a large student voice. They compiled the responses to make this video!

Taking the Next Steps towards Climate Leadership in Alberta schools – Dialogue Guide

The Dialogue Guide helps students engage in conservations with school leadership and school division administrators to work together to be climate leaders. Download the Dialogue Guide and engage in conversations with school leadership and school division administrators! You can also watch the video ACLYN created to help you see how you can engage in conversations here.

Student Video: Call for Climate Change Education - May 2018

High school students interviewed other high school students about climate change education. From the interviews, the students felt that students are not learning enough, feel concerned and want to be part of the solution. Their conclusion - there is a want and a need for climate change education. Check out the video here!

AYLEEE Summit - November 8, 2018

AYLEEE met in Edmonton for a Summit to learn about leadership, advocacy, and the importance of youth voice. Following the summit, students reported feeling that they had support and a community all around the province and noted decreased feelings of isolation in their passions and their work.

Tour of the Alberta Legislature - November 29, 2018

Students went on a tour of the Alberta Legislature, learning about the structure of Alberta’s provincial government. Students also met with the Chief of Staff to the Minister of Energy and asked thought-provoking questions about Alberta’s transition to sustainable energy.