AYLEEE Work 2020

Brighter Futures: Youth Visions for Environmental Education in 2030

Summer 2020 - In partnership with artist Hannah Gelderman through the ICASC FUTURES/forward program, five AYLEEE members collaborated virtually to create the following video showcasing their vision for environmental and energy education in 2030. The youth not only narrated the video with their siblings and close friends but they also wrote the script and created the majority of art you see in the video. With a light box in her kitchen, Hannah produced the video and put together the final product you see below - check it out! 


Meeting with the Alberta Minister of Education 

March 3, 2020 - AYLEEE members met with the Alberta Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange at the Legislature Building in Edmonton in early March. Students from Lacombe Composite High School and Queen Elizabeth High School (Edmonton) presented their ideas of how to incorporate more environmental leadership opportunities into schools.

Calgary City Teachers' Association Convention 2020

February 13, 2020 - AYLEEE member Amaan, from Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary, gave an amazing presentation to over 70 teachers on the need for climate change education in Alberta. Speaking on a panel titled Climate Change Here and Now: Making Sense of it All, Amaan provided a unique student perspective that the teachers said was wonderful and inspirational!

AYLEEE Writing Retreat

February 22, 2020 - 9 AYLEEE members met for a day-long writing retreat in Calgary to update the 2016 “Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leaders" report. The updated paper outlines what students feel has been achieved since the publication of the 2016 paper, what still needs to be achieved, and new recommendations for embedding environmental, energy, and climate education into Alberta schools. Checkout the new paper: Supporting Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Climate Education in Alberta Schools: Recommendations by Students for Alberta's Educational Leadership

Lead the Energy Transition Event 

February 27, 2020 - 4 AYLEEE members from Lacombe Composite High school presented in Red Deer at the Lead the Energy Transition event hosted by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta and the Pembina Institute. The youth shared with the crowd their stories and experiences with energy education and the importance of energy literacy in Alberta schools.