Meet the ACEE Board

ACEE Board meeting, 2019


Back row (L to R): Brad Clute, Pat Worthington, Deb Rougeau-Bell, Gareth Thomson, Josh Naud

Middle row (L to R): Maria Granados, Kathy Worobec, Laura Hughes (moved on), Sterling Rempel, Tanya Doran, Andrée Iffrig, Jim Sandercock, Shauna Kelly, Susan McKeague

Front row (L to R): Diana Kurila, Alexandra O’Rourke, Marie Tremblay

Missing: Melissa Easton, Jenn Hoffman

Brad Clute

Brad Clute is the Chair of ACEE.  He believes that business, when done ethically, can be a powerful tool for positive change in the community - and he’s dedicated to proving it.  Brad is Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Regional Sustainability and Community Investment Coordinator for Western Canada, and under his leadership MEC sustainability programs have won numerous awards including a provincial Emerald Award and a Calgary Award, as well as a Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award.

Jenn Hoffman

Jenn Hoffman has more than twenty-five years of experience in education, communications, fund development, and non-profit leadership.  She founded the Sierra Club BC’s Education Program in 1998 and served as its Director for 10 years, before moving on to a career helping not-for-profit organizations, social-value driven businesses, and government agencies engage their members, clients, and constituents in their efforts to create positive change in the world.

Sterling Rempel

Sterling Rempel is the Founder and Principal Advisor at Future Values Estate & Financial Planning, a financial services firm in Calgary, AB.  He began his financial services career in 1985, and founded Future Values in 1999.  Sterling has a special interest in Responsible Investments and in Charitable Planned Giving.  He has served on the Boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations.  He prefers outdoor activities beginning with the letter ‘S’: sailing, scuba diving, snowboarding and sports cars.

Andrée Iffrig

Andrée Iffrig has been educating hands, hearts and minds for two decades, and currently works as a sustainability strategist with architecture and engineering firm DIALOG. A graduate architect with a passion for sustainability, she uses her background in design to explore and raise awareness about solutions for the built environment that tread more lightly on the earth. Her diverse experience includes teaching art in the public school system in Calgary and working in community development in Indonesia. She is a biomimicry specialist and a co-founder of the Biomimicry Alberta Network.

Tanya Doran

Tanya Doran served on the Alberta Premier's Panel on Energy Efficiency in 2016, and is Sustainability lead for Stantec in Alberta.  She has spent her career championing sustainable building design and seeking synergies between 'green buildings' and occupant behaviour.  From  her first role at an electric utility provider to her recent senior roles consulting for large national organizations and the electric transmission council in Edmonton, Tanya has seen the evolution of sustainable design practice across Western Canada.

Melissa Easton

Melissa Easton has been teaching Math, Science and Outdoor Education at Arbour Lake School (Calgary Board of Education) for a decade.  She is passionate about getting students outside, and ​works with fellow teachers to connect their curriculum with real life scenarios in the outdoors. Melissa has partnered with CAWST, Alberta Parks, the Mayors Expo, CPAWS, Inside Education, and ​MindFuel among others to increase her students​'​ opportunities. She is an outdoor enthusiast in her personal life and enjoys helping students build a love for exploring and protecting nature.

Dr. Jim Sandercock

Dr. Jim Sandercock is the inaugural Chair of the Alternative Energy diploma program at NAIT. The two-year diploma program prepares highly qualified personnel who design and assemble renewable energy systems such as solar PV, energy efficiency measures such as geothermal, and conservation measures through energy auditing and energy management planning. Curriculum also explores the production of energy and liquid biofuels from waste and agricultural products. Jim has worked with other parts of NAIT to create solar upgrading courses for electricians and engineers in Alberta and Cuba.

Pat Worthington

Pat Worthington has been working in the world of public education for more than three decades. He is a recently retired Director of Human Resources and has served in other educational capacities over many years. In the end, Pat is a teacher and his passion for children and the earth have combined to create a fulfilling career of adventure and wonder. Pat has worked with a number of Alberta-based environmental organizations, including ACEE in its early years, Alberta Tomorrow and the Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.