Brian Callaghan

Brian Callaghan is the chair of ACEE. Prior to joining the ACEE Board Brian was a governance consultant with the Public School Boards Association of Alberta (PSBAA) of which he was a past Executive Director. He also works with the Ke Tas Kee Now Education Authority as a policy and governance consultant. He has supported school boards throughout the province in the areas of board governance, policy review, board evaluation and CEO recruitment and evaluation. He also did similar with the Alberta School Boards Association. Prior to joining PSBAA, he served as a Superintendent of Schools for 25 years with Northland School Division, Mount Rundle and Banff School Division and finally with the Canadian Rockies Public Schools. His return as a trustee completes the journey back to the beginning. He is a past president of College of Alberta School Superintendents and Chair of Council on Alberta Teaching Standards as well as co-chair of Windsong Children and Family Services.


He was also on the Curriculum Review for 5 years so has some insight into the current state of affairs. Brian was a school principal in the eastern Arctic with the Katavik School Board. He started his teaching career with the Montreal Catholic School Commission. Brian has a long history in serving our First Nations Inuit and Métis students. His international work has taken him into the ministry offices in the German states of Hessen and Baden Württemberg. He has also presented at Heidelberg University on the topic of inclusion and generative governance. Brian holds undergraduate degrees for Concordia and McGill University and a graduate degree from the University of Alberta. He has been a Canmore Rotarian for over 30 years, served on the board of the Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley, The Banff Canmore Community Foundation and is a certified Emergency Responder with the Red Cross.