Connecting Classrooms Success Stories

We recently completed our Spring 2019 pilot! Thank you to all teachers, students, and professionals who participated. See our success stories below. If you are a teacher or professional interested in taking part in the program in the 2019-2020 school year, stay tuned and learn more here

Collingwood Elementary - Sustainable Urban Food Production

75 Grade 4 students learned from Paul Hughes and Darci Mitzelfelt from Grow Calgary about sustainable urban food production. 

"We enjoyed being able to give students the opportunity to plant food seeds and enjoy the process of caring for them." Said Darci.

Here's what the students had to say: 

"I learned that if you keep a pack of seeds in a cold dark place they could live for thousands of years."

"I liked planting and looking at the different seeds."

"We planted many veggies, 9 to be exact. I planted lettuce, tomatoes, & many more." 

"I liked how the professionals were very kind and they explained everything very clearly. Paul was also very funny."

Students were also looking into the future, asking "How old do you have to be to volunteer [at Grow Calgary]" and "Can I work there? If yes, how old?" 

Teacher Claudia Espinosa recommends the program to other teachers, stating that "Inviting professionals into our classroom is an essential resource to support our work." 



Royal Oak Elementary - Wetland Health

Marissa Koop, environmental planner specializing in wetlands, talked with 150 students about wetland health. 

"[The students] were excited to share their knowledge with me." Said Marissa. 


Willow Park - Energy Source Redesign

Dave Eastham, experienced in energy efficiency, sustainability, and solving complex problems using systems thinking, visited Willow Park school to help 80 Grade 9 students with their Energy Source Redesign projects. 

"I loved working with an engaged group of young minds. I'm excited to develop a deep relationship with the school." Said David. 

Teacher James Davidge is excited to continue working with Connecting Classrooms, stating that Dave was able to work off of the students ideas and that he hopes to involve Dave before and after the project next year. 


Belvedere Parkway - Species at Risk in Alberta

66 Grade 3/4 students learned through games about species at risk with Christine Campbell, a wildlife and biodiversity expert. 

Here's what the students had to say: 

"It's nice to know that there are people out there trying to help all sorts of wild life!" 

"We learned that DNA can help you figure out what species of animal it is." 

"I now know about fragmented habitat."

"I learned a lot about animal species and predators and prey."



George P. Nicholson School - Landscape Architecture

Kevin Eidick, a landscape architect focusing on mitigating impacts on wetlands, visited two Grade 5 classes in Edmonton to help them understand how we can protect wetlands. 

"I liked that the students had the opportunity to hear about the importance of wetlands from an expert in the field." Said teacher Terri Elliot. "I would recommend Kevin to other grade 5 teachers. Kevin did an excellent job explaining the importance of wetlands and balancing perspectives."

Here's what the students had to say: 

"I learned that a Great Blue Heron is a sign of a healthy ecosystem because that wetland has plants that are healthy enough for it to exist there." 

"We learned that wetlands act like sponges and prevent flooding and ponds are bathtubs."

"I liked when we saw how wetlands in our community changed during the years." 

"I liked the advice you gave us and how we should see Wetlands for ourselves."

"I'm going to tell my dad next week to bring me to elk island!"  

"I learned that a job like this existed." 

"He said that you can design wetlands and save plants and animals." 

"My favourite part was learning what Mr. Eidick does."