Connecting Classrooms with Environment, Energy, and Climate Professionals

Supporting Climate Action Through Project Advising

ACEE is preparing to launch our spring 2019 pilot for our new program:

Connecting Classrooms with Energy and Environment Professionals 

Teachers will use our upcoming portal to send us their classroom's innovative action project ideas. We will then match teachers with experts who best match the knowledge and guidance that their projects require. 

In order to create a program that meets the needs of teachers, we will be implementing feedback gathered from the pre-survey of the ACEE Thought Leaders Forum in both Calgary and Edmonton. We are also collecting feedback from a survey we are conducting, in order to gauge what kind of professionals teachers are looking for. 

What are we currently working on? 

1) Developing a survey of professionals in energy, climate, and environment corporations, nonprofits, and academia, allowing us to collect and implement feedback regarding early stages of program development. This will help us determine how we can support the needs of professionals in this program. If you would like to support our work by providing feedback as well, please email Maria Granados: maria [at] 

2) Distributing needs assessment and using professionals' feedback to finalize program structure and logistics.

3) Inviting professionals from energy, climate, and environment sectors to join our panel of professionals.

Next Steps:

Beginning with the 2019 pilot, we will start pairing classroom action projects with professionals. 

We would love to hear from you and receive feedback as we embark on these next steps to support student learning and action! Please contact Maria [at]