Curriculum for a Sustainable Future

The Curriculum for a Sustainable Future (CSF) is a guidebook on what students need to learn to be environmentally and energy literate. It outlines key concepts and student learning outcomes for science, social studies and wellness to assist Alberta’s curriculum developers as they update Alberta’s curriculum for all grades and subjects.  It also identifies teaching and learning resources that will help teachers achieve the outcomes.

Checkout the CSF  View the Key Concepts and Student Learning Outcomes

ACEE is currently updating this document because….

  • It was originally created in 2014 by an Education Task Force based on current research and interviews with 35 opinion leaders, and there is new research and information available.
  • It has been updated with minor revisions (2017 to 2019) - mainly inclusion of First Nations, Métis and Inuit content thanks to Doctor Gregory Lowan-Trudeau, professor in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary 
  • Albertans need a deeper understanding of all forms of energy, to build energy literacy and depolarize the conversation around energy and environment in Alberta - so we need to ensure  “What Alberta students should learn about energy?” is well addressed.

How will we update the document in 2020?

  • We hosted a series of workshops on 'What should Alberta students learn about energy?'. Read more about the workshops and the workshop summary.
  • We will work with a small group of interested folks to refine an Energy Literacy Definition and update the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future (based on input received in the workshops).
  • The updated Curriculum for a Sustainable Future will be shared with the Minister of Education and Alberta Education curriculum development staff.


Using the words in the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future (CSF), we created a Wordle to represent the words used - the larger the word the more it is used in the CSF.

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