Analysis and Recommendations for Alberta's Draft K-6 Curriculum

Draft K-6 Curriculum - What can you do to provide your own feedback?


After much public anticipation, Alberta Education released its draft K-6 curriculum on March 29th, 2021, with plans to pilot the new curricula in 2021/22 and implement it in 2022/23.

Between June and August 2021, ACEE along with Alberta Tomorrow, the Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education, GreenLearning and other partners reviewed the document. As part of our analysis, our group compared the environmental, energy and climate content in the 2021 draft curriculum to that found in the current curriculum, and to the recommendations found in the Curriculum for a Sustainable Future. We also documented all of the draft’s strengths, weaknesses and missing content on all topics related to the environment, energy and climate.

After completing this extensive and comprehensive review, we compiled our findings into the following report, which was finalized and submitted to the Minister of Education and Alberta Education in September 2021.

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How You Can Use the Feedback Report

Interested in making your voice heard to advance environmental education in the curriculum?

  • You can use this report to guide you as you make your own individual response on the draft K-6 curriculum using Alberta Education's online survey.
  • You can also write your own letter to add your voice to demonstrate that environmental education is instrumental for the future success of our students!  Click on this link to access a sample letter that you can use to email Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange and/or your local MLA to tell them 

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