December 19 Calgary Workshop

A BIG thanks to everyone that joined us on December 19th in Calgary to create connections between environment and energy education and in sharing some holiday cheer!

The above photo is the group having some holiday fun with the 'photo booth' and posters showing their love of teaching about water, energy, waste reduction, nature, land use and preparing students for a sustainable future.

Workshop Highlights

The highlight of the afternoon was a presentation from Barend Dronkers with Energy Efficiency Alberta and the showcase of 'best of' energy education activities. The below photos are from our afternoon of sharing and learning and our late afternoon social gathering with links to find the resources (you can also download the handout listing the activities).



Barend Dronkers from Energy Efficiency Alberta presenting on "What we all need to know about energy efficiency in Alberta".

Download the PDF of the presentation.


Inside Education - offer many programs, they showcased:

Classroom Presentation - Electricity and Energy - photos shows participants creating an electrical grid from generation to home use.

CARE Package


ACEE and GreenLearning Canada

Energy Revealed activity understanding energy use of household electrical items.


Alberta Tomorrow

Land Use simulator - we started with an activity using the map of Alberta and a rope web to demonstrate the strength of the web with biodiversity. Then we explored the online land use simulation activity and how that impacts CO2 generation, water quality, etc.


STAR EcoWorks

Access to Energy classroom presentations (mainly Calgary region) - demonstrated an activity helping students understand access to energy comparing the amount of energy needed for different types of lighting - kerosene vs LED; and their solar lantern building activity they do with students.



Green Calgary and Open Street Events - click on the image to watch the Open Street Events video

Powering Our World - a hands on experience where students learn about electricity and engage in four different stations (FenderGenerator, magnetic induction, solar power, and use a watt meter to calculate energy use. 

Energy Revolution Fair - June 6, 2019 - a one-day, pop-up field trip in conjunction with the City of Calgary Mayor's Expo to engage students in topics of renewables, efficiency and climate change.

People for Energy and Environmental Literacy (PEEL) - 12 lessons and teacher professional learning

Showcased an activity from Lesson 1 - Climate Change 101 - using the popcorn kit to demonstrate the rate at which Greenhouse gasses are accumulating in the atmosphere at current emission rates. The experiment also illustrates which countries produce the highest emissions per capita as well as the emissions captured each year by forest, land and oceans.



Relay Education 

Offer a variety of in-class workshops building wind turbines and solar energy systems. Students investigate energy, conservation and electricity topics.