The Geological Bumblebee Program is an outreach program led by Dr. Katherine Boggs from Mount Royal University in Calgary that combines geology and biology. The program consists of learning about bee species in local areas and taking action to help conserve them. During the first classroom visit in spring, students construct bumblebee boxes, and the program then takes students on a field trip to a local natural area to install the boxes. Geology of the local area is explored as well, and students investigate what geology tells us about the place we live and how it was formed. 

In fall, the programs takes students back to the park to collect the boxes and see if they were used by bumblebees.


Please contact Dr. Katherine Boggs if your class is interested in taking part in the program:

Full Circle Adventures provides field trip programs for Grade 5 and 7 students in various parks within or just outside of Calgary. Students will learn about traditional uses of plants, human impact, and different world views. 

Let's Talk Science classroom workshops cover environmental and energy topics, such as needs of animals, electricity, renewable energy and weather. 

Mountain World Heritage Interpretive Theatre provides theatre shows, street theatre, and community outreach about wildlife in our mountain protected parks. Audio recordings and lyrics for songs about Rocky Mountain wildlife are available on the website.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum offers a variety of school programs, including field trips and virtual presentations which teach students about the land and biological diversity. Some programs are also available in French. 

Two Wheel View provides the Earn-a-Bike (Bike Club) program to Grades 7-12. Each week participants receive a healthy snack, play games and discuss the daily lessons in both character (community, leadership, self-esteem) and bike mechanics (fixing a tire, gear adjustments, chains, brakes etc). They have the opportunity to use tools and disassemble and reassemble bikes every week, and get their own bike through this program. 

Evergreen Theatre programs include a touring stage show as well as an Artist in Residency program.​

  • Every year Evergreen Theatre puts on a different 50-minute touring show, with curriculum-based scripts, exciting props and student participation. A teacher's guide is available for pre/post discussions in the classroom.
  • The Artist in Residency program connects theatre professionals to your school to create a play with your students, "growing" your own show. Get kids teaching their peers about science and the environment through theatre. Using inquiry-based learning, students are challenged to discover meaning and relevance in curriculum linked topics pertinent to natural, scientific and environmental issues.


The Jungle Farm near Red Deer provides field trip programs for elementary students. 

Spring: Pollination and plant growth.

Fall: Plant and animal seasonal behavior changes.



Teachers can register for free for The Recyclers program to have the Alberta Depot visit their Grade 4 classroom and present on the importance of recycling bottles and how students can contribute. 

As part of the program, we also offers schools the bins below for free!

  • Outdoor bin (1 per school)
  • Hallway bin
  • Classroom bin
  • Box of liner bags (5 per school)

We also offer free education kits that are a smaller version of the in-person presentation. It has a board game, a poster featuring our Recycler characters, an interactive game teachers can do with students and a USB with instructions and our award winning video that introduces The Recycler characters.

There is also a new online store where teachers can order swag that features our Recycler characters or items that are recyclable or made from recycled material. All of it is free! Each educator has 500 points to use in the online store, with each item costing 5 points. 

Bins, swag, and school kits can be shipped anywhere in Alberta! 

Living Soil Solutions provides classroom programs on soil and vermicomposting for Grade 4, 6, & 7 science curriculum. Programs are offered to classrooms in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Strathmore.