RiverWatch takes students in Gr. 8-12 on an all-day field trip on the river, aboard large inflatable rafts fully-equipped as floating laboratories! RiverWatch helps secondary science students to explore a 10 km section of their local river. Along the way, students make shoreline stops to conduct water chemistry and biology tests above and below a wastewater treatment plant. Working in a team environment to collect water quality data, students are better able to answer the question, "How healthy is our river?": 


WEM Marine Life provides field trips on topics of waste in oceans and human impact.

Calgary Zoo provides field trip programs for all Grades relating to ecosystems and diversity, as well as a week-long Zoo School.

Weaselhead provides field trips and in-class visits for students in Gr. 1-9 in plants and animals, biodiversity, and human impact.

Field trips are offered for all Grades including high school Biology 20 and 30. Topics include wetlands, wildlife, ecology, and biodiversity.

Green School (Gr. 4-8) is a five-school day long experience at the Devonian Botanic Garden.


Camp Chief Hector provides the following outdoor schools for students:

Eco School (Gr.4-6): environmental awareness and community building

Sunship Earth (Gr. 4-6): energy flow, cycling, diversity, community, interrelationships, change and adaptations

Hector Spring School (Gr. 4-6): Students will learn about the stories of early Canadians as they participate in cultural activities, such as tipi living and animal tracking

Outdoor Experiential School (Gr. 7-12): outdoor living skills


Fish Creek park provides programming for all Grades about land and interactions between plants and animals.

Alberta Parks Kananaskis field trips explore a variety of natural topics, including wetlands and wildlife. Kananaskis Country has also partnered with the Elbow River Watershed Partnership to deliver Freshwater Field School programs. Curricular content is based on Alberta Education's programs of studies.  

Alberta Parks Kananaskis can also come to your classroom through theatre presentations

Bow Habitat station offers programs for K-6+ students, focusing on waste and water, air, & land biodiversity through integrating science and social studies curriculum.