Demonstrate the impact of your program and strengthening your funding strategy

To ensure support for your programs – whether with funders/donors or within your organization – we need to be able to demonstrate the impact of our programs. This goes beyond the numbers and is more about “why we do our work” and “what changes as a result of our work”. This workshop will share learnings from others (George Marshall, Spitfire Communications, community foundations) and tools for telling our stories AND you will have time to work on your story. Gathering information (photos, numbers, survey responses, testimonials) before the session will help you leave with a story in hand. Come prepared to work by bringing a laptop or tablet. In this workshop, you will…

  • Understand the importance of demonstrating the impact of your work by sharing “why you do your work” and not just the “what you do”.
  • Explore examples and tools for telling your story
  • Develop a story about your work to share with funders/donors or internally
  • Tying this into your fund development strategy