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We want to connect with you and learn about the EcoSchools projects your schools have completed. Get in touch to tell us about your experiences or invite us to come to your school to learn about the projects your schools has been working on, or fill out this short form. We’ll write up a story and share this on our EcoSchools in Action page to inspire others and build the EcoSchools community in Alberta!

If you post about your projects on social media, use the #EcoSchoolsAB hashtag to share your experiences with the EcoSchools community.

School Stories

In these school-produced videos, hear about how Alberta EcoSchools made their plans, involved their school communities, carried out their projects, and achieved certification.

Action Projects

See actions from the EcoSchools library being put into practice by Alberta schools. The actions are organized by theme.

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Actions from Related Programs

Hear about school projects outside the EcoSchools program.

Certifications from Previous Years

2022 EcoSchools Certifications

Join us in congratulating all the Alberta EcoSchools that participated this year, including 12 schools from Calgary, 13 from the Capital Region, and one school each from Fort McMurray, Lacombe, Coleman, and Strathmore.

Calgary EcoSchools Certifications were announced at The Calgary Mayor's Environment Expo opening ceremonies on May 30th!

We announced certifications from the rest of the province at our Year End EcoSchools Celebration on June 20th. Couldn't make it? Watch the video below!

2021 EcoSchools Certifications

Please join us in congratulating the schools that achieved certification in the pilot year for EcoSchools in Calgary! Despite the difficult circumstances, these schools completed enough environmental actions to be recognized by EcoSchools Canada for their work.

Together, Calgary EcoSchools completed 95 environmental actions. Collectively they accomplished these milestones:

3.2K hours of outdoor learning, 1.2K Earth Day/Week/Month participants, 734 environmental leaders, 582 trees planted, 1.9k kg waste diverted

Other accomplishments achieved in the Calgary EcoSchools pilot year include:

  • 64 teachers from 40 schools registered on the EcoSchools Canada online platform.
  • Working with our environmental education community, created a list of local resources and programs to support each of EcoSchools' 40 actions.
  • In partnership with the City of Calgary and close to a dozen environmental education partners, delivered a two-day symposium called Hand-in-hand: Working Together Toward a Sustainable Calgary featuring 12 environmental education workshops with a spotlight on Calgary-based environmental and climate initiatives. 340 participants attended, and 237 viewed recordings of the sessions.