EcoSchools: Wheatland Elementary Achieves Platinum

Small Hands can Change the World

Strathmore, 2020 - 2021 School Year

Wheatland Elementary achieved Platinum Certification on their very first year as an EcoSchool! It turns out they were already doing tons of eco-actions. We asked teacher Carley Blaseg to tell us about it.

We started our Eco-Avenger team 6 years ago, when our Grade 6's were in Grade 1 with me! We started by learning about the bees and how they help our Earth so much.

From there it grew into a school wide K-6 club. We've done so many different initiatives over the years and now we can call ourselves an EcoSchool because of these amazing kiddos and their love for the planet. The kids truly understand the impact we have on our planet and care so deeply about taking environmental action and fighting against climate change.

Not only was the environmental team involved, but our entire school participated in many ways; they made pledges to conserve energy and water, toke part in The Great Gulp,  participated in Wasteless Wednesdays and all of our other Earth saving themed days, planted indoor and outdoor gardens, and more! The EcoAvengers shared ecotips and updates in classrooms, announcements, and on social media.

Check out these music videos made by Wheatland Elementary students!