Edmonton Workshop December 5 2019

On December 5th, environment and energy educators spent the afternoon networking, sharing and learning about each others work, learned about new findings from a national survey and report (see link below), and explored ways we can work together to move forward on some of the ideas in the Declaration for Environmental Education.

Resources from the workshop:

Things we can do as an Edmonton community to deliver on the Declaration for Environmental Education

The group focused on one condition in the Declaration, "Supporting teacher professional learning and planning by providing stronger links between teachers, experts and quality resources offered by community education groups". These are some of the ideas:

  • Ensure groups are aware of opportunities to offer workshops at ATA Teachers' Conventions for Edmonton (Greater Edmonton) and surrounding areas (North Central) and deadlines for submitting proposals to increase the number of environmental/energy workshops offered.
  • Provide tips on submitting workshops.
  • Connect with Faculties of Education practicum coordinators to see if we could offer a share fair session (all environmental education groups) for pre-service teachers beginning their practicums. Kathy to explore.
  • Create a standard environmental, energy education session, that any group could offer to Faculty of Education classes.
  • Ensure your networks of organizations and teachers receive ACEE's newsletter to access workshops and resources that help connect teachers with organizations (Resource Hub)Newsletter Sign Up Link.

We want to hear from you

We've created a three question survey to gather input on the above ideas and to determine interest and ideas for future environment and energy education Edmonton workshops. PLEASE COMPLETE THE 5 QUESTION SURVEY.


Thanks to everyone for sharing - below is a photo from Strathcona County and the water filling stations they are using at events to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles.