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Alberta Green Schools gives me more confidence in guiding students as they take positive steps toward a future of sustainable environmental practices. - Glen Christenson

The Alberta Green Schools session has provided me with current information and resources for topics that I may never have thought of looking into on my own. I feel enthusiastic about incorporating these topics into project-based learning. - Pat Heydanus

It was energizing to meet with members of the community and industry outside of the education system and to hear of their willingness to participate in and provide information and resources to our school programs! - Cherum Orr

Two sessions have been held - March 26 and October 26, 2016 to create plans to increase students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy. What schools have accomplished...

SchoolWhat they've accomplishedWhat has changed as a result of their work
Brentwood Elementary

We have Piggy Pales in each classroom for collecting food waste and a local farmer collects this to feed his pigs. We did a number of initiatives such as Pitch In, resell/recycle book event, and 'Soles for Souls'.

Students are much more aware of the amount of waste they produce and they are engaged in reducing waste. The students are taking more ownership of these initiatives.
Win Ferguson Elementary

We did more activities in our schoolyard such as Pitch In Week, caring for our flower beds. Our student leadership day included some projects based on taking care of the Earth.

We've included more student choice on activities and they are more actively involved in organizing, planning and implementing activities.
Fort Saskatchewan High SchoolImplemented composting in commercial foods and the staff room. Proposing to install energy auditing equipement that can be used/shared division wide. Applied for grants for environmental project-based student leadership.Students are empowered and leading this work - they are proud of their work in having composting in the school and to begin reducing the schools energy usage.
Strathcona Christian Academy SecondaryAdvanced their Aquaponics 10 class and program. They showcased their work in January 2017 with a 'Gallery of Gardens' event and the story was front page of the Edmonton Journal.
Lamont High SchoolNow have two staff members involved. We have a bottle recycling program, collecting supplies to build a greenhouse, installed two bottle refill stations. We are working with another school now to connect two programs.Staff interest and participation has increased. More students are bringing refillable water bottles.
Salisbury Composite High SchoolIncreased environmental and energy literacy in Chem 30, Science 10 and Bio 20/30 with tour of Scotford. Working on doing project-based learning for the Science 10 climate change unit. For Earth Day we did recycling activities.In progress.
Bev Facey Composite High School

Work with Erin Wildeboer of Strathcona County to formulate a plan and implement a system for 'green' waste collection.

Work with Strathcona County to increase water education in the Horticulture modules.

Connections with other schools that are offering similar programs - learning from each other.

Help bring in connection with Strathcona Agriculture and Transportation for Elk Island schools and Alberta Green Schools.

In progress.
Fort Saskatchewan Christian

Increase students' -  joy of the outdoors, understanding patterns in nature, enrichment opportunities.

Increase understanding that learning takes place and is even enhanced outdoors.

In progress.
Lakeland Ridge SchoolReduce or eliminate compost material going to the landfill at Lakeland.In progress.
Clover Bar Junior High 

Clover Bar continues its strong outdoor education program.


In progress.
Thanks to the community resource folks for sharing their expertise and programs:
  • Strathcona County Utilities - Vanessa Higgins (water conservation program) and Erin Wildeboer (waste diversion program)
  • Strathcona Wilderness Centre - Adam Binder and Lana Ohler-Madsen
  • Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) - Andrew Lis
  • Shell Canada - Conal MacMillan and 
  • Caring for Our Watershed - Nathalie Stanley-Olson, Battle River Watershed Alliance
What the schools said about the two Alberta Green Schools sessions?
  • 100% were extremely satisfied or satisfied with the session
  • All presentations received over a 90% rating of excellent or good
  • 100% indicated the session helped identify ideas to move this work forward
  • 100% agreed the sessions met their needs
  • 90% agreed that they are ready to implement actions outlined in their plans
  • 100% identified additional resources to support their work
  • 100% indicated they are motivated to implement their plan
  • 100% agreed that their plans will help deepen students' environmental, energy and climate change literacy
  • Almost half of the participants agreed there was a perfect balance between learning and planning with 20% wishing for a bit more planning time
  • Download the spring 2016 evaluation summary or the fall 2016 evaluation summary.

For more information, check out Alberta Green Schools or contact Kathy Worobec!


“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton