Energy Educators - learning, sharing and developing best practices

Energy education (renewables, efficiency, etc.) is not new and some of you have been doing this for a while, for others this may be a new program area. We know there is much to share and learn in this area – how to make energy efficiency engaging, what works, what doesn’t work. We’ll engage leaders in this field (Energy Efficiency Alberta, energy managers, etc.) to share their ‘best practices’ and experiences.  As an energy educator, you’ll have time to connect with others working in this field, learn what is working and you’ll have time to reflect on all you’ve learned and how this could help your energy education program. In this workshop, you will….

  • Share and learn from other energy educators to increase effectiveness and collaboration
  • Better understand “best practices” for energy education
  • Engage with leaders in energy education
  • Enhance the impact of your energy education program


“Schools should prepare us for the future, not the past. The future of the world will be built on sustainability. If we learn what sustainable technologies are available when we are in school, we will be able to help shape the future of global sustainability when we graduate.” 

- Quinn, student at Jasper Place high school in Edmonton