Exploring the links between energy efficiency, schools and K-12 education in Alberta - September 16

ACEE worked with the Alberta government to convene a session on September 16th, 2016 for students, teachers, non-profit organizations, trustees and other education stakeholders. It was an opportunity to share expertise and ideas with Alberta's Energy Efficiency Panel on how to weave together energy efficiency and education in Alberta.

Minister Eggen welcomed everyone. Our favourite line, "Students and educators are on the front lines of action on climate change...."

The session included presentations and group discussions. The panel will use what they heard from educators as they make recommendations to the Minister of Environment and Parks regarding the new Energy Efficiency Alberta agency that will begin its work in early 2017.

Here is a short list of what we heard....

  • when students work on energy conservation, renewables, and efficiency, they build valuable skills - and hope for the future

  • the education community of school, teachers, agencies and community is essential to create a culture of climate leadership and energy efficiency - but we need support 

  • teachers deserve professional learning that helps them connect students to relevant topics

  • school boards deserve incentives that help them simultaneously increase energy efficiency - and student learning and action 

  • this topic calls for Alberta Education and Alberta Environment and Parks to work together: for example, new curriculum needs to help students develop environmental, energy, and climate literacy providing flexibility so teachers can engage students in deeper and hands-on learning

Meeting Summary:

Notes from presenters: