About the Energy Revealed Program

We partnered with GreenLearning Canada for the Energy Revealed pilot in Alberta. Energy Revealed helps students understand the importance of energy efficiency to inspire them to take action to reduce energy use as well as increasing their energy literacy and understanding of how energy systems and use can impact climate change. 


 In Alberta, we supported school boards, schools, teachers and students in exploring new technology such as circuit-level energy metering and watt meters to help students understand electricity consumption.

GreenLearning is now offering this program to teachers across Canada. Teachers can use the free online lessons for grades 4 to 12 in their classrooms! They provide monthly spark ideas and a number of challenges with cash prizes.   

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What do teachers say about the program?

  • Once students see how energy is being used, it creates more interest in learning how energy is used and exploring ways to use less.
  • It helped students understand that there is energy being used even when they’re not there (evening and weekends) and they explored ways of reducing this by being able to turn off power bars.
  • Once students could see the data, they were very curious and then I had to figure out what was causing some areas to use more energy than others.


Program Partners and Scope

This was a joint venture with GreenLearning Canada, a national organization that offers climate, energy, and green economy education. ACEE participated as a partner for the pilot in Alberta, supporting schools interested in installing technology and providing teacher professional learning. GreenLearning led the program design, and following the Alberta launch, rolled this out as a national program.

We’re grateful to Greenplanet Energy Analytics, who assisted with the preliminary development of this exciting program!