For Teachers

The Energy Revealed program is the very epitome of excellent education! It helps schools and the environment - AND empowers Alberta students to…

  • Become energy efficiency experts and future energy managers.
  • Develop their competencies, innovative mindsets, and workplace skills, preparing them for careers in a low carbon economy.
  • Drive down the use of electricity, gas, and water at school, at home, and in their communities.
  • Help reduce greenhouse gases, utility bills, and carbon levy payments.

Energy Revealed will help students…

  • Engage in collaborative, expert, and relevant project-based learning;
  • Demonstrate leadership and feel empowered as they take action to help the environment;
  • Contribute a valuable voice for innovation, creativity and solutions relating to energy consumption;
  • Obtain skills and experience relevant to new careers for the 21st century economy;
  • Contribute to measurable actions on climate change.

Energy Revealed will help schools…

  • Reduce their utility bills and associated costs of the provincial Carbon Levy;
  • Demonstrate their contribution to provincial and national sustainability goals;
  • Deliver more efficiency gains with less reliance on expensive consultants and auditors;
  • Develop leaders and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of future innovation;
  • Deliver on educational goals and contribute to lowering energy costs for communities.

Energy Revealed will help the environment…

  • Through meaningful greenhouse gas emissions reductions that are measurable and verifiable;
  • Responsibly develop and conserve Canada’s natural resources;
  • Through low carbon innovation solutions that enhance economic prosperity and environmental health.

Professional Learning 

We know that it’s important that you are supported throughout the Energy Revealed Program and that's why ACEE is committing to supporting teachers through:

  • Participation in a teacher professional learning workshop for the lead teacher (s) – October 26, 2018.
  • Receive a Conference bursary for ACEE's ‘Recharge 2019’ conference, May 24 & 25, 2019, in Canmore. 
  • Partner with an energy efficiency professional through our Connecting Classrooms to Professional Program
  • Gain access to learning resources developed specifically to help you engage your students in the Energy Revealed Program.

Contact us to find out more about this exciting program!