The Energy Transition Game

What is the Energy Transition Game?

The Energy Transition Game is a simulation activity where students play the role of a key player in Alberta's energy system: an energy developer, influential stakeholder, or member of government.

The purpose of the game is to promote energy literacy in the context of environmental and energy education. This involves understanding different forms of energy, how they are used, and their economic, environmental, and social impacts. 

The objective of the game is to encourage students to think about energy from multiple perspectives and consider the future of the energy system in Alberta.

Roadmap for Teachers - step by step instructions on what you need to play the game.

Step 1: Review Game Overview

Step 2: Go through the Pre-Game Activities!

Step 3: Print the Role One Pagers

Step 4: Print the Energy Project Choice Cards

Step 5: Print and cut out the Game Cards. Ten sheets of Economic cards, six sheets of Social cards, five sheets of Environment cards

Step 6: Review the instructions for setting up the game

Step 7: Use the Energy Transition Game slides to play the game with your students

Step 8: Play the Energy Transition Game!

Step 9: Go through the Post Activities including Debrief Questions


We are exploring delivery options for groups of teachers and/or students in a classroom. If you are interested in learning more about the Energy Transition Game, please contact us.


We would like to acknowledge that an earlier version of this game was developed by Suncor Energy. ACEE has been given permission to adapt the game for a Grade 9 audience.